Nurturing Talents in the New Normal | Salitha Nair

Posted on: 30th December, 2021

“With the millennials going into the real world today, being part of the contingent workforce appeals to them because it gives them the flexibility and work-life balance. They benefit from acquiring a variety of experiences, exposure to multiple industries and not be attached to a single company.”

Content creators. Delivery drivers. Ride-hailing on-demand. Speaking to Channel NewsAsia (now known as just CNA) in 2017, human resource management educator Salitha Nair explained the appeal of the gig economy to today’s new generation of workers. A few short years later, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic became the biggest disruptor to every industry worldwide, accelerating digital transformations and redesigning jobs. Although the intent was to reduce exposure to the virus and thus mitigate business risks, the introduction of remote work and rostering of onsite work has meant that more workers beyond the gig economy have now seen and enjoyed the benefits of flexibility and work-life balance while being part of the full-time permanent workforce.

Starting her career as an admin and HR manager in the logistics industry, Salitha is well-placed to appreciate the far-ranging impact of the pandemic on business operations within organisations and across supply chains. This gives an unexpected dimension in her lectures today, such as on the importance of mental health when explaining human resource management or on the relevance of digital marketing in the New Normal of virtual communications. With the introduction of home-based learning for a large part of the last two years, Salitha has had to figure out as well how to keep her students engaged over our online learning platform, such as through breakout discussions, participation activities or group presentations.

Coming across as a compassionate and dynamic lecturer with a specialisation in HR matters, it is no surprise that Salitha has won her students over and is routinely sought after for advice on career and learning progression. From tips on how to prepare for job interviews to the consideration factors in selecting their next course, Salitha patiently nurtures our learners so that they are more prepared for the future.

At PSB Academy, Salitha currently holds the position of senior lecturer and is the programme leader for business management and digital marketing Bachelor’s courses by Coventry University. Not one to just talk only, she has also committed to further studies and is pursuing a doctorate in business administration. Salitha’s research is on the leadership styles adopted by small and medium-sized enterprises in Singapore’s precision engineering sector.

Outside the Academy, Salitha provides training on HR-related areas and gives talks, such as motivation speeches to secondary school students.

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