Securing Cyberspace with the Next Generation | Ankit Saurabh

Posted on: 01st December, 2021

Information technology support and talk shows. Entrepreneur and business development. Dedicated academic. While working in technology support roles in Chennai, Ankit Saurabh felt a strong gravitation to the education sector and enhancing the learning experience for today’s digital natives. In 2013, he took a brave plunge and left his hometown and burgeoning career for a full-time Bachelor of Information Technology with the University of Newcastle, Australia. With a core focus on Business Information Systems, Ankit spent the next two years honing his skills across infocomm technology and business management, before landing a job with PSB Academy as a management trainee (now known as graduate trainee).

With a colourful career spanning more than a decade across diverse domains, Ankit is a proven asset to the Academy, having value-added over the last six years to various projects across academic management leadership, corporate strategy and partnerships, infocomm technology and now, the School of Engineering and Technology. Education has been the core of Ankit’s gravitational pull, and after completing his Master of Science (information studies) by Nanyang Technological University, he has settled very naturally into his present role as an IT and cyber security lecturer. Ankit is also the programme leader for Edith Cowan University’s cyber security courses and co-chair of the Academy’s Curriculum Review Committee. In the future, he hopes to conduct PhD research on deep learning concepts.

Digital natives notwithstanding, online learning has been a novel experience for most of our students. Obstacles arose, such as less than ideal home environments with multiple interferences, disengagement and monotony of online lessons, and crucially for the next generation of cyber security experts, the need to conduct hands-on lab exercises over digital highways across national boundaries and time zones. Our academics rose brilliantly to the challenges, and rolled out ways and means to transfer knowledge and impart skills to our learning community. Ankit singled out the two-way collaboration tools in the Blackboard learning management system as key to our student outcomes; this ensured robust participation from classes.

Teaching is a long-term commitment, and pacing is important in this profession. Ankit de-stress and recharges by keeping physically active through cycling, swimming and gymming.

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