Thinking of a Career Break?

Posted on: 30th January, 2024

Contemplating a significant change in your professional life? Perhaps you’re thinking it’s time for a new career direction, or you’re trying to rediscover your passion for work. For many professionals, these questions often lead to considering a career break – an increasingly popular choice for those seeking personal and professional rejuvenation.

Taking a career break presents an opportunity for growth, reflection, and exploration. It’s a decision that can be both exhilarating and daunting, especially for those used to a steady career path. Whether motivated by a desire for change, personal development, or exploring new opportunities, a career break can be a transformative experience. In this blog, we’ll explore this trend of career breaks and provide practical advice to help you navigate this important decision, ensuring you approach this period with clarity and purpose.

Considering Career Breaks: The Rising Trend Among PMETs

If you’re thinking of a career break, you’re part of a growing trend among Professionals, Managers, Executives, and Technicians (PMETs). A significant shift is emerging, with about 20% of younger PMETs annually opting for career breaks between 2018 to 2022, as reported by the Straits Times.

Far from being a mere hiatus, these periods can be strategically used for personal growth, learning new skills, or even exploring entrepreneurial ventures. For those feeling burnt out or uncertain about their current professional trajectory, a career break might offer the necessary space to reassess and realign with their career goals and personal values.

This emerging trend underscores a shift in how professionals view their career paths – not as a linear race but as a journey with meaningful pauses that contribute to long-term satisfaction and success.

 Navigating the Crossroads

Standing at the crossroads of a career break, individuals confront crucial decisions that could shape the trajectory of their professional lives. It’s important to note that a career break isn’t a decision to be made impulsively; rather, it requires thoughtful consideration and strategic timing. Delving into the nuances of this pivotal moment, it’s imperative to weigh key aspects such as:

1. Self-reflection and goal reassessment

A career break offers a crucial opportunity for deep personal reflection, which is essential for choosing a career you’re committed to. This time should be used to reevaluate your career ambitions and personal values. Consider asking yourself critical questions like, “Am I truly fulfilled in my current role?” or “What drives my professional satisfaction?” This period of introspection is essential in determining whether your current career path is in harmony with your personal and professional objectives.

2. Skill acquisition for career pivoting

For many considering a career break, it’s an opportune moment to upskill or reskill, especially in areas that are emerging or evolving. Acquiring new skills or deepening existing ones can be a game-changer, especially for those pondering a significant career shift or aiming to elevate their role within their current field. This step is critical in preparing for the next phase of your career, ensuring that you not only return to the workforce with enhanced capabilities but also with a competitive edge.

3. Exploring emerging fields and opportunities

A career break can also be a time to explore new fields or industries that have piqued your interest. This exploration might involve researching industry trends, talking to professionals in the field, or even taking on part-time work or internships in these areas. It’s about understanding where your interests lie and how they can translate into viable career options.

PSB Academy’s Online Courses: A Gateway to New Opportunities

For those considering an extended break, PSB Academy offers a range of online courses in Singapore that can be pivotal in this journey. These courses cover various disciplines, from business management to cyber security, catering to the evolving needs of today’s professionals. Here’s how these programmes can benefit you:

  • Short duration for completion: These courses are designed to be concise yet comprehensive, allowing you to acquire new skills in a relatively short period.
  • 100% online delivery for maximum flexibility: The online nature of these courses offers the flexibility to balance learning with other commitments, whether it’s travel, a hobby, or exploring new business ideas.
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Explore Opportunities with PSB Academy’s Online Courses

If you’re a PMET at a career crossroads, contemplating a break to reassess and realign, consider the opportunities that further education can provide. PSB Academy’s online courses in emerging fields might just be the stepping stone you need to leap into a new and exciting phase of your professional journey. Explore our online courses today and take the first step towards a future aligned with your passions and skills.