Trailblazing the Way for Future Sport Scientists | Mariam Jalalludin

Posted on: 06th December, 2021

“The youngest female national record holder is Mariam Shazana, who was 14 years, 26 days old, with her triple jump effort of 11.36m in July 2006.” Almost a decade later, news reports on track and field (T&F) achievements continued to highlight Mariam Jalalludin’s trailblazing legacy. Officially listed in the Singapore Book of Records as the Youngest T&F Record Holder, the Singapore Sports School alumna went on to leap 11.73m in June 2009 before retiring.

Health and wellbeing. Sport performance. Injury prevention. From her developmental years at the Singapore Sports School, Mariam worked with her coach and a team of sport scientists to enhance her athletic development. As Mariam discovered many fascinating ways to improve sport performance, a budding curiosity about sport and exercise science took root. Over the next 15 years, this seed has grown into an enduring passion to equip the next generation of sport scientists. Mariam went on to pursue her diploma, bachelor’s and master’s degrees across New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. Upon completion of her masters’ from Nanyang Technological University in 2017, Mariam stoked the flames of her passion and jumped on board the faculty at PSB Academy.

Sport science professionals are a key and integral part of national high performance sport and general fitness ecosystems, supporting both elite athletes and the general public. Mariam’s role as an educator is thus multi-faceted. As the programme leader for sport and exercise courses at the Academy, she keeps a keen eye on new developments in the world of sports, so that these can be integrated into the curriculum. Mariam also works closely with the student affairs and marketing teams to elevate industry value for our aspiring sport scientists, such as guest lectures, industry visits and volunteering or internship opportunities.

In April 2021, PSB Academy officially registered with The American College of Sports Medicine as an Exercise is Medicine® On Campus (EIM–OC). The upshot of Mariam’s lifelong advocacy for physical fitness, EIM–OC is about bringing exercise to our workplaces, and increasingly during the pandemic, into our homes as well. Mariam strongly believes that movement should be part of our daily routines, with benefits vaulting beyond physical fitness, such as mental health and management of chronic diseases. At the School of Life and Physical Sciences, Mariam mentors student leaders – Daniel Anugram and Hansel Sng – so that they hone their leadership and communication skills in persuading our learning and teaching community to keep physically active.

Mariam delights in working out after work and on weekends. You may also find her volunteering at Yayasan MENDAKI.

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