What To Consider Before Taking A Master’s Degree

Posted on: 07th July, 2021

After years of academic studies, you are now a proud holder of a bachelor’s degree. Yet, as a university graduate, you may have mixed emotions about the future – should you move on to a master’s degree, or are your current qualifications and knowledge sufficient to land you a stable role in the workforce?

A master’s degree can be a good way to acquire advanced knowledge and develop necessary skills for your field of work. It can help students open doors to better career prospects – such as an advanced role, or improved earning potential.

 Understand Your Career Aspirations

 Did you know that there is a strong correlation between the rise in wages and years of education? A 2017 survey showed that in Singapore alone, every additional three years of education is translated to more than a 30-percent rise in salary. Therefore, taking up further education like a master’s degree programme may give you a competitive edge over others who do not possess the same level of education.

If you are already in your preferred line of work, owning a master’s may also help drive a stable career progression by honing relevant skills and emphasising your determination to improve your strengths and abilities in a particular area.

With the job market looking uncertain, it may not be prudent to job-hop and hope for the best. Therefore, try mapping out your career journey and long-term goals as early as you can. Identify gaps in your knowledge and skills and work out your next steps. If you are a student at PSB Academy, you can also leverage our career services to help maximise your potential.

Unlock Your Peak Potential with PSB Academy

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