What to Consider When Choosing a Degree Programme

Posted on: 04th June, 2021

From wanting a higher pay scale to a wider range of job opportunities, there are many reasons to pursue a bachelor’s degree. With opportunities to pursue higher education increasing over the years, we see the percentage of degree holders in the resident labour force increased from 28% in 2010 to 39% in 2020.

With companies focusing on soft skills such as team management and communication as well as hands-on experience, a programme that encompasses a combination of hard and soft skills is ideal. There are several factors to consider before making a choice and we’ll explore them today!

Choosing Passion

When it comes to choosing a bachelor’s degree, it can be helpful to consider your interests, strengths, and inclination towards any industry. An alignment between all three factors can propel you towards a major that you’ll enjoy learning in your course of study.

Instead of going for safe choices, ones you may not even enjoy, go for programmes that truly cater to your passions. PSB Academy offers programmes in a wide range of disciplines, spanning business management, digital marketing, engineering, life sciences and logistics & supply chain management.

Graduate Career Prospect

There is nothing as frustrating as having to study for so many years only to have your academic qualification rejected by employers. And if you are worried whether holding a private degree will put you at a disadvantage, fret not.

According to the 2020 Labour Force in Singapore Report by the Ministry of Manpower, the employment rate of residents aged 25 – 29 for private degree holders is at 90.9%, closely behind their local degree holder counterparts at 91%.

Also, PSB Academy Graduate Employment Survey 2020* has shown that 8 in 10 degree graduates were employed six months after examinations.

Offering Holistic Development

A strong academic foundation alone is insufficient. Moving away from an overemphasis on grades, institutions are incorporating leadership programmes to support graduates with aptitude and skills development. PSB Academy’s inclusion of leadership development and mentorship equip graduates with transferable soft skills and broader perspectives that will mould them into ready professionals when they go out to work.

Learning how to merge the theoretical and practical is fundamental to every graduate’s success. Both public universities and private education institutions are preparing graduates to navigate a rapidly changing labour market through chances to acquire lifelong habits such as creative thinking and flexibility.

Enrol for a Degree Programme with PSB Academy

First degree, mid-career advancement, or a switch in fields – regardless of where you are in your professional development journey, PSB Academy offers options that tick the qualification boxes and are holistically developed. Pick a course that best suits your ambitions from our academic level offerings and set forth on your path to achieving your dreams.

*PSB Academy Graduate Employment Survey 2020 was conducted by Tiptop Consultants. The employment rate refers to the number of graduates employed as a proportion of graduates in the labour force and includes all graduates from full/part-time degree courses in 2019 six months after examinations.