Why Are Internships Important?

Posted on: 24th July, 2021

In a competitive environment like Singapore, it is no longer sufficient for graduates to go on a job hunt with only a bachelor’s degree listed on their resume, with zero relevant work experience. Furthermore, internships are a good way to gain some field experience for fresh graduates.

So why is internship experience so valuable to employers? Read on as we share the important benefits of going for an internship before you graduate into the workforce.

Increase Employability and Gain Experience

 The great part about internships is that you usually don’t have to have any relevant experience, except for a relevant course of study for the industry. Employers will either have a training programme meant for interns in order to ensure that interns have sufficient training in order to contribute to the company or they will be attached to a mentor to learn from during their time there.

This way, you will be able to gain valuable experience and learn from industry professionals in the career field you wish to pursue post-graduation, giving you an edge over other candidates when you apply for positions.

 Learn to Work in a Professional Setting

 If you have never worked in an office environment or a work environment exclusive to your desired field, going for an internship is the perfect opportunity to dip your toes into this new experience!

By putting yourself through a 3-6 month long internship, you will be able to gain real-life exposure to working in a professional setting to understand the career trajectory for your desired job. You will also be able to apply concepts learned in school to real-world situations at work and apply the knowledge you acquire during the internship to your future workplaces.

You Get to Figure Out What You Like or Don’t Like

Internships might be often advertised as an exciting and fulfilling experience to most students, but in reality, students also find themselves disliking certain aspects of their time in the company. However, there is always a silver lining as figuring out what you don’t like can prevent you from accepting an ill-fitting job in future.

Who knows, you might find yourself having the preference to work for start-ups after having an internship at a Multinational Corporation (MNC) or you find yourself to be suitable for an entirely different role after having a “sneak preview” of the job you were working towards. You can have a passion for design, but you might just hate doing it 9-5. Better to find out during an internship than later on when you apply for a permanent role!

 Networking Opportunities

 You might not realise this yet, but networking opportunities are crucial to forging beneficial relationships in the professional world and internships are the perfect time to network! Seize the chance to make more professional connections and leave good impressions and you might just get bonus opportunities within the company or somewhere else in future.

Even if you don’t receive any opportunities, you can gain plenty by learning from each individual in various work environments. Internalise these conversations and use the knowledge shared with you to your advantage at your next job.

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