Be a Mentee

Be a Mentee

For Mentees

What’s next after you graduate from your studies? Do you have questions about the working world? Do you want to hear real-life experiences from someone who has been through challenges in his or her workplace?

PSB Academy Students and Alumni are welcomed to sign up for the mentoring programme. This is a platform for an assigned mentor to be your support and guidance. You will get to learn and leverage on mentor’s experiences, personal insights and knowledge. It will ease your transition from school to workplace, as well as affirming your decisions for your career.

Note: This programme is not designed to help you land a job after graduation. Please do not sign up if your objective is to meet alumni who could employ you.

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Benefits for mentees:

  • Gain career and personal insights from professionals in their respective expertise
  • Prepare for the transition to the working world after graduation
  • Get advice on professional issues and how to balance new responsibilities
  • Learn from a role model, develop leadership and interpersonal skills and increase competencies

What Mentors do?

  • Share their personal experiences, both successes and failures.
  • Advise individuals on complex situations that may not have a single right answer or approach. Offer observations and explanations to help individuals learn.
  • Guide individuals through the learning landscape, learning beyond classrooms.
  • Provide professional growth, development and opportunity through their own network (of professionals).
  • Support individuals and offer reassurance through when learning gets too overwhelmed or meet difficulties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Mentoring Programme?

A: Mentoring Programme is a platform for our mentors, from diverse industries and background, to share their valuable work and life insights with young individuals. It also enables our students to envision a realistic perspective and be exposed to realities of the working world.

Q: How do I sign up on the platform and how much does it cost?

A: It’s FREE! Simply sign up and register as a mentee. A staff from Career Services & Engagement Team will follow up with you.

Q: How do I match with a mentor?

A: Mentees will be matched to a mentor based on the areas of mentoring you have chosen as well as similar experiences.

Q: How long will the commitment be?

A: We ask our mentees to commit for at least six months on the same mentoring relationship and to have frequent contact with your mentor via the communication tools you both feel most comfortable.

Q: What if my mentor does not respond to me / Relationship is not going well / Rise of concerns?

A: We encourage you to contact the Career Services & Engagement Team immediately and we will provide full support to resolve the situation in a positive and satisfactory manner.

Q: Who should I contact for any enquiries?

A: Please feel free to drop us an email to


Sign up as a Mentee now!