Scholarship Application

PSB Academy Scholarships are awarded to students with outstanding academic achievements and provide high caliber local and international students with the opportunity to develop their full potential. The scholarships are awarded to qualified students on the basis of academic merit, leadership potential, special talents or other personal characteristics in students.

PSB Academy-University of Nottingham (PSBA-NU) Postgraduate Scholarship
  • PSB Academy-University of Nottingham (PSBA-NU) Postgraduate Scholarship
  • PSB Academy Sports Excellence Education Scholarship
  • PSB Academy ASEAN Scholarship
  • PSB Academy Merit Scholarship
  • PSB Academy – SAFRA Sponsorship
  • PSB Academy – Self-Help Group (The Eurasian Association, Yayasan Mendaki and SINDA) Scholarships
  • PSB Academy – SISEU Sponsorship

PSB Academy-University of Nottingham (PSBA-NU) Postgraduate Scholarship

Applies To

This scholarship programme applies only to students applying for the following University of Nottingham programmes:

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration in Finance

Scholarship Quantum

The disbursement of the scholarship will be made throughout the 6 course fee instalments that students pay during the duration of the programme, in the form of 25% course fee deductions.

Selection Criteria

The PSB Academy scholarships (to be borne by PSB Academy) will be awarded to the following candidates (total max of 10 awardees):

  • 1st class honours bachelor’s degree holders of any university accepted by University of Nottingham; or
  • PSB Academy alumni with 2nd upper class honours bachelor’s degree or equivalent; or
  • Professionals with senior management and leadership positions; or
  • PSB Academy associates/staff

Terms & Conditions

  • Scholarship rebates will be applied to the modules enrolled in each trimester of
    the MBA programme.
  • No deferment of module(s) or term allowed unless otherwise approved by PSB
    Academy and University of Nottingham Malaysia.
  • Scholarship recipients shall enrol into the programme in any intake in between
    September 2021 and June 2022.
  • Scholarship recipients are required to complete 6 core modules within the first 12 months of the programme.
  • Scholarship recipients are also required to complete all 12 taught modules within the first 24 months of the programme.
  • PSB Academy/ University of Nottingham Malaysia reserves the right to amend
    the terms or withdraw the scholarship at any time if, in the opinion of PSB
    Academy/ University of Nottingham Malaysia, students’ progress or behaviour
    has been unsatisfactory.

Scholarship Application Process

  • Scholarship application is to be submitted together with the programme application documents
  • PSB Academy and University of Nottingham will assess the eligibility of applications for their respective scholarship programmes
  • Upon successful application for the scholarship award, the PSB Academy shall issue a letter of scholarship offer to the successful applicant
  • The scholarship award recipient shall agree to the terms of the scholarship upon acceptance of the award by signing an acceptance form