PSB Academy has a deeply experienced management team that’s dedicated to taking the Academy to the next stage of development, and bolster our momentum of catering to the rising demands of Asia’s under-served higher education need.
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Mr. Derrick Chang

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Derrick started his career in the civil service, focusing on manpower related policies and research, develop schemes and policies to ensure that Singapore’s core workforce was ready to thrive in the country’s competitive and open economy. He was recognised for being the Board’s top 10 employees in 2003. Derrick subsequently left the service to join PSB Corporation, to lead international business development and subsidiary management.

At PSB Corporation/PSB Academy, Derrick worked with the Senior Management on acquisition, divestment, partnership and corporate learning opportunities. Part of the work entailed travelling to China and Indonesia where he spent 3 years helming the Academy’s local operations. Subsequently, he took on different functions at PSB Academy. He was appointed Chief Operating Officer in April 2013, and thereafter, the role of Chief Executive Officer in April 2017.

Derrick attained his Bachelor of Social Sciences (Economics) at National University of Singapore (NUS) and completed his research in Behavioural Economics in his Bachelors’ Honours and Masters’ Degrees at NUS.