PSB Academy has a deeply experienced management team that’s dedicated to taking the Academy to the next stage of development, and bolster our momentum of catering to the rising demands of Asia’s under-served higher education need.
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Mr. Viva Sinniah

Executive Chairman

Mr Viva Sinniah has more than 20 years of experience at senior levels in several domains such as the public sector, hospitality, education and healthcare. An accomplished leader, he has transformed organisations, helping them bring about solid and sustainable growth.

He has an excellent track record of producing change, attracting and nurturing talent, and developing highly driven and focused teams. In his previous appointment in the healthcare sector, he brought about transformation in the organisation, resulting in the increase of the organisation’s capacity and capability.

He obtained his BA (Hons) from the National University of Singapore and his Masters of Arts from the University of Sydney. He has attended postgraduate executive education programmes at Harvard Business School and was invited to attend the International Visitor Leadership Programme in the United States in 2000.