Complete full-time and part-time diploma and bachelor’s degree courses in accounting and finance from an Australian or UK university, or master’s degree in data analytics from a New Zealand university. We have a wide range of accounting and finance courses that will equip you with knowledge and skills for analysing financial and management accounting information and relating accounting and finance principles to management decision making.

Expand your knowledge of business management with a wide range of business management courses at PSB Academy. Hone your skills in areas of business management studies through full-time or part-time certificates, diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that will prepare you for a career in business and management. Strongly committed to excellence in education, PSB Academy offers business management programs that equip our students with theoretical frameworks and case studies as well as the competences to apply them in real business issues and challenges.

Take digital marketing courses best suited to your schedule and skill development needs. With our Digital Marketing diploma, you will learn how to engage digital audience and read analytics to improve digital campaigns as well as complete the official Google Analytics Certification Course (GAIQ). Professionals and relevant private or polytechnic diploma holders can upgrade with a Bachelor’s Degree from our UK and Australian university partners. Upscale your data science skills with our Master of Analytics and receive the globally-recognised SAS certification upon completion of the programme.