Get started to get ahead

Adrian Pardede, develops, implements, and optimises marketing campaigns across all digital channels for two properties: Jimbaran and Sayan. A true example of a student that has made the most that he can out of his time in college, Adrian founded the Indonesian Student Association, MAPIA, that contributes largely to the vibrant student life at PSB Academy. Having taken his Bachelor of Information Technology with the University of Newcastle at PSB Academy, Adrian knew that the purpose of going to a campus, could not just be limited to academics and that one must draw from the campus, every experience that it has to offer.


Academically, he learnt to harness both technical and analytical skills for his work. He challenged himself to meet new people – whether this would require being actively involved in various student-led events, or organising them. These activities gifted Adrian with the confidence and foundation to deal with the complexities, as well a solid base of knowledge, and skills in areas ranging from leadership, communication, networking, to multi-tasking. Referring to his time at PSB Academy as balanced and blended, Adrian found the passion he needed in his personal life, to pursue a fruitful professional life.


It was not long before MAPIA began to grow, into the large community that it is today with events that attract people from all walks of life. Adrian left a mark that will be forever remembered at PSB Academy for his fellow juniors and continues to inspire many with the kind of work that he does today.