Riding The Waves

"Life is a roller coaster – but if you fasten your seat belt tight, you’ll make it through just fine." - Ankit

Refusing to allow financial hurdles to pull him down, Ankit secured the position of a Technical Support Engineer, a job that gave him exposure to information technology. By taking up this job, Ankit Saurabh, currently a full-time staff at PSB Academy, felt he would be able to gather enough savings to afford the rest of his education. Without a degree, he felt a void that would keep him from growing in his career.


In time, with the savings, he was able to afford to apply for a seat in a university in India – but this time, it was his age that became a barrier to his pursuit of education. The 26-year old Ankit at the time had crossed the age limit of 21 – and was left with no option in India. Not wanting to give up on his dream, he searched and came across the Bachelor of Information Technology Degree from the University of Newcastle offered at PSB Academy.


After many long years, Ankit was finally able to find a programme that was excellent yet affordable. This did not take away from the fact that life away from home, in a foreign country wasn't only a bed of roses. There were days where would forgo a lunch or dinner, to secure his fees if it meant that he was going to be able to complete his degree. The going got tough, and being human, Ankit too had his weak moments, but with the support of his loving wife and caring friends, he kept his determination intact.


Joining the South Asian Student Association remains one of his fondest memories, as Ankit met some of his closest friends there. Ankit's commitment was impressive – part of the reason why he was offered a management trainee position in PSB Academy just upon graduation. Ankit continued to prove himself even in his management trainee position where he worked hard and was converted to a full-time staff within 5 months, in comparison to most who take at least six months.


After all, life is a roller coaster – but if you fasten your seat belt tight, you’ll make it through just fine.