PSB Academy prepares me for the working world

"I am inspired by the statement - Make a difference! I believe that whatever we do, we must put in our best effort to obtain the best outcome and be brave enough to make a positive change in every aspect of life." - Avalyn

Briefly share the highlights of your current career portfolio.
I am working as Systems Analyst in Integrated Health Information Systems (IHIS) Pte Ltd which is a healthcare IT leader with an aim of improving Singapore’s health administration through digitization. My job scope requires me to multitask between maintenance of the systems and upgrading of works. Along the way, I was able to pick up new concepts of working as I conducted each task with great curiosity. I posed a lot of questions every time I was assigned to do something until I genuinely understand its functions. As such, I usually tend to find out easier ways of accomplishing every given task. I realised that the curiosity I naturally possess shapes up my work ethics in many ways and it certainly leads to more efficient and faster delivery of work within the targeted timeline.

What were some of the most valuable take-aways from the programme you took at PSB Academy? 
I would say the deep discussions with lecturers. Not only did they explained the theories, the lecturers exemplify and relate to real-world applications to make the lectures much livelier. They also share their personal experiences in their respective workplaces and the challenges they faced. These valuable and knowledgeable information helped us to prepare ourselves before we ventured into the working world.  

What were the challenges you faced during your studies? How do you overcome them?
University studies is academically challenging as it is not like how it was conducted in high school. We had to allocate our time wisely to focus on the subjects based on its weightage. With the GPA system throughout the academic years, we need to maintain a good average score that pressurised us to work harder. When I felt stressed, I would talk to my tutors and friends to get their advices on how to get through the difficulties when working on assignments and preparing for the exams.

Group studies also helped to relieve the stress and helped one another to have a clearer understanding of the subjects. In additional, I had homesickness, especially during the freshman year, as I was far away from the comfort of my own home.  It was a struggle to adjust into my student life in Singapore however the orientation activities and engaging games arranged by school gave us opportunities to make new friends. After I got to know friends who were liked-minded, university life became amazingly enjoyable.

Tell us something about yourself.
I enjoyed simplicity in life as I do not like to create any trouble for people around me. One of my favourite past-times is watching action movies and noting useful and knowledgeable information for my own usage while appreciating the details in producing a movie. I also enjoyed café/dessert shops hopping with my friends for a good chat as well as satisfying my sweet tooth. Sometimes I failed to understand a joke as I tend to take things too seriously. There is a quote I adhered to whenever I am indecisive.

"Don’t worry about what might go wrong, instead think of what could go right."