Balancing The Scale

Life might not always be smooth sailing, and some might question how some of the people around seem to have it all together all the time, while we struggle at balancing the priorities and responsibilities that we take up. As an undergraduate student, Emily was caught in this very dilemma--especially when it came to making the most out of your extracurricular activities while trying to do well academically. 


Emily currently co-leads San Myat Young Chi Monk Accessory Retail, her family business, but the path to leadership was an arduous one. Given Emily's history as a rebellious teenager, and being an average student at the school, her father did not want to take the risk of sending her abroad. Her mother, on the other hand, encouraged and supported the little flame that had begun burning inside of Emily, to become a responsible, independent woman. Emily began to hold a sense of responsibility for the decision that she had made, her mother's belief in her and started her course at PSB Academy with utmost enthusiasm when she took up her Bachelor programme. The day since Emily left home, she has been leaving a trail of achievements that she earned at PSB Academy. From being elected into the Student Council from 2012-2013 to helping out with student associate project that was organized by senior student leaders, and becoming student counsellor, and student associations, to organizing the "International Food Market" with her team, Emily went on to receive the "Outstanding Leader Award 2014".


After graduating, Emily started out as a management trainee at PSB Academy and was assigned a challenging project that demanded some IT skills beyond her comfort zone. Emily hesitated initially but decided to give it a shot anyway--a decision that she came to cherish when her hard work reaped an appreciation letter from then, COO, and now CEO, Derrick Chang for completing the project. Surprising both herself and those around her, Emily is now a confident young woman who faces challenges head-on.