Technology for the future

Before joining PSB Academy, Kaung Htet Wint Kyu freely admits he was not the driven go-getter he is today. “Before enrolling, I was just happy to live my life from day to day. I did not understand the possibilities open to me if I challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone,” he said. All of this changed when he stepped into PSB Academy. “I chose to pursue higher education as it was the natural progression after completing school back in Myanmar. I had heard good things about PSB Academy from my friends and decided to enroll in the Diploma in Business Administration offered there,” Kaung Htet Wint Kyuexplained.


“This represented a major turning point for me. I had always seen being independent as just having the freedom to do what I wanted. However, coming to a new country quickly taught me that it was much more than that. The sudden increase in personal responsibility was not easy for me. Luckily, I had the folks and environment at PSB Academy to usher me through this change and I ended up developing into a much more mature and focused person,” he continued.


“This change in my mindset and personal outlook also led to me develop a clearer vision of what I wanted to do in the future. While working towards my diploma, I began to research how I could aid my homeland in its development. After consulting with my lecturers, I decided to apply to the Bachelor of Information Technology course offered by the University of Newcastle through PSB Academy after completing my diploma. It would end up being one of the best decisions I have ever made,” Kaung Htet Wint Kyu said.


“The course was very comprehensive. It even helped me develop other facets such as leadership and tenacity,” Kaung Htet Wint Kyu related about the course. “The tutors and lecturers would also always go the extra mile to make sure that we understood what was being taught. Finally, the activities that PSB Academy organises outside the classroom like career development workshops and industrial visits helped me greatly in preparing for the next stage of my life after graduation,” he concluded.


Since graduating, Kaung Htet Wint Kyu has taken up various technology roles back home in Myanmar. He has also taken up a directorship with an NGO called Caring for Future Myanmar as well as founded an E-sports team.


Kaung Htet Wint Kyu is from Myanmar and he is a Future Maker – you can be one too.