Tough Situations Build Strong People

Apart from serving as an events manager in Malaysian Student Association (SAMA) from 2014-2015 and participating in the music club, not everything in school was smooth sailing for Kenneth. Initially, he started his degree in Electrical Engineering with The University of Newcastle, Australia, thinking that he could be the engineer his family had hoped for him to be.


However, about two years into his degree, Kenneth started failing many of his modules. He struggled to keep up with his classmates and would often study till the wee hours into the night just to grasp a concept taught in school. Kenneth knew this was wearing him out and affecting his mood whenever he has to drag himself to school. Feeling very disheartened, he decided to approach Student Affairs and Industry Engagement (STA) team for career advice and if he should carry on in this degree or change his specialisation.


After the consultation, Kenneth was encouraged to make the switch to the Bachelor of IT course. Before long, this decision paid off when his group Final Year Project was selected among many, to be presented to industrial partners and business owners at a school event in 2015. Their creation – a food planner application – was well received by start-up owners from the F&B industry partners that were present. 


An enthusiastic individual who is eager to serve the larger community, Kenneth hopes to be able to create a scheduler app one day, to help people stay organised and increase their productivity.