Liesa Desisca, a recent graduate from the University of Newcastle, was recently promoted to the position of Senior Executive from an Executive at PSB Academy’s School of Life & Physical Sciences. Her job includes responding to enquiries and student recruitment for the School. Since joining PSB Academy in 2015, her excellent work ethics, complemented by a world-class education, allowed Liesa to stand out amongst the rest as an effective employee, and resulted in her quick climb up the corporate ladder.

1 liesa graduation

Prior to enrolling in PSB Academy, Liesa already had big dreams for the corporate world. In elementary school, her enterprising spirit was eminent from a young age—she remembers selling pens to her classmates which made her a tidy sum of pocket money.

With several university options open to her after graduating from high school, Liesa had a few conditions – that her choice of school be of good standing internationally, located in a reputable country, that her course be smart-tracked, without compromising on quality, and that it is not too far from home.

Singapore best fit her criteria and PSB Academy was the next logical choice. With over 50 years of history in providing quality education, Liesa was certain about taking the next step. She enrolled for the Diploma in Business Administration which allowed her to progress to a Bachelor of Business course with the University of Newcastle, Australia—to her it was the sensible choice that would take her closer to her aspirations.

Liesa was reserved when she first arrived in Singapore as English was not her first language then. She was determined to overcome it by participating actively in school activities by joining the Student Council. Her 2 years in the student committee gave her ample opportunities to interact with students from all over the world and practice communicating in English and helped hone her public speaking skills.

2 liesa psb alumni event

People often remember their student lives well as it is one of the most significant turning points in their lives. Liesa was no exception. One of her most memorable experience was TGIF – an event organised by the Student Council in 2014 that was well-received by students. To this day, some students still talk about it fondly because of how special it was for them.

It wasn’t always easy to balance an active student life with her academic obligations. Liesa had to learn how to manage her time and be disciplined in revising her work whilst fulfilling her duties as a student leader. Today, Liesa is well-spoken, and a trusted, confident, and effective member of staff who continues to make significant contributions to the organisation.

Her advice for doing well: “Think about the kind of person you want to be and think about how you can position yourself that way. Approach everything with an open heart and mind as you will miss out a lot in life if you are ignorant. Choose a good, recognised university as it may determine whether you get the job interview or not. Participate actively in school activities and put in your best as the friends you make today may be your lifeline in future. Even though life is hard, you can still make it!”