Translating Vision to Reality

While enduring sleepless nights, taxing examinations and rigorous workloads all on tight deadlines was a guaranteed outcome of selecting a highly regarded and demanding curriculum to pursue, Lei Win thought little about how these challenges would prepare her for the real working world for years to come. Leaving Myanmar to explore the globally recognised education system in Singapore, Lei Win, co-founder of an e-commerce business, S&M Online Mart, chose to study with University of Newcastle's Bachelor of Information Technology at PSB Academy. In spite of the workload, she sought to find opportunities for development beyond the academic space. Becoming a student leader for the Youth Leadership Camp, representing the Myanmar Student Association in International Day, and eventually being a part of the Student Council, May really enjoyed what the student life at PSB Academy had to offer.


Setting up a business in Myanmar post-graduation, Lei Win had to overcome hurdles like an undeveloped banking system, logistics of payment-related matters, and delivery services. Amidst the challenges, May spotted a strong opportunity for growth in the e-commerce industry in Myanmar. While what she does today is not directly a result of the programming knowledge of an IT professional, she believes that people are shaped by the way they think and the way they work. As an IT graduate, and able to comprehend the technologies that are involved in the e-commerce industry, May has an edge as an IT professional to manage her business. While her achievements are plenty, May’s greatest one is having developed trust and loyalty with her customers over the years.