Programming: The Language of the Building Blocks of our Future

To communicate with the people of a nation, we must first speak the language. To build a digital infrastructure, it is no different. With the advent of technology, it is imperative for the a programmer to be fluent in code before they can understand the building blocks of digital infrastructures.

Michael and his parents

Michael on the streets of London

Michael Alvin Yuwono, who hails from Tangerang, Indonesia, is an Internal Recruiter of Monroe Consulting Group, an international award-winning executive search company. As one who is familiar with programming languages, he is able to tap on the concepts of building software and computer systems to approach different challenges in a more structured manner. 


This position gave Michael the opportunity to interact with top talents and match them to the right jobs by understanding the needs of his team, proving that the knowledge and skills picked up from his course is transferable to other industries and positions.


A typical day out for Michael


Through this stint, Michael is able to add a human element to his work experience and interactions which will serve well for him when he steps into a specialised IT-related field. It will require not just his technical proficiency in IT but also the tenacity of managing talents who run it.


Whilst most of us can understand English, a language that has brought the world closer together, it isn’t so for the language of technology, a language that transcends cultural and language barriers beyond borders. Michael speaks the lingua franca of the future, and sees how people can better connect with each other through technology.


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