Mohammad Safiqul Islam saw the value of his Bachelor programme beyond merely an academic qualification. He wanted to be equipped with health and safety knowledge and skillsets to protect his fellow colleagues.  


We hear that you had a very clear objective in mind when you signed up for this Bachelor programme. 
I wanted to be involved in health and safety as a profession, and I must say this programme broadened my horizons and did not disappoint me in my expectations. I believe that a career in health and safety is a noble one, as it means playing an important part in protecting my fellow colleagues and the employees of my organisation. 


How do you feel this Bachelor programme has benefitted you? 
I was pleasantly surprised that the BEnvOHS programme gave me more than a broad picture of how to uphold workplace safety and health. I was delighted that an international perspective on industry initiatives was included in the curriculum. This definitely brought my horizons to a whole new level.


Why did you choose to undertake this course at PSB Academy in the first place?
To be honest, even before I enrolled in the course, I appreciated the support and assistance from the staff at PSB Academy. The academic staff and programme coordinator, in particular, were extremely helpful in addressing my questions and uncertainty, and providing me with relevant information and advice to resolve my concerns. 

After commencing the course, I also had additional assurance as students who had to miss classes can actually catch up with lectures filmed and made available to students the following day. This was definitely helpful as I took some time to manage my schedule between work and study. Fortunately I was able to grasp the essence of missed classes and in the event I had queries, I could easily make clarification with responsive lecturers. 


What else did you enjoy or appreciate about your studies at PSB Academy? 
I remember the student workshops I got to attend on campus, and participating in events organised by the Student Council and PSB Academy’s Student Affairs department. These helped me hone my soft skills, such as appreciating and interacting better with diverse cultures, an element that is apparent in PSB Academy as we have students from different nationalities. Till today, I thank PSB Academy for being the driving force in this part of my journey, showing me how to accelerate and maintain my pace.