The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Appreciating the merits of a smart-tracked world-class programme to get a good head start for her career, Jinny chose to take up the Bachelor of Commerce (Supply Chain Management) with the University of Wollongong, Australia. Apart from being one of the top 2% of universities in the world*, she was also able to complete the course that would typically take 3 years, in 2 years instead, without compromise to the contact hours between the educators and students.

Her decision to major in Supply Chain Management allowed Jinny to focus on the nuts and bolts of the inner workings of organisations rather than on just a single business function. This was crucial in giving her a clearer view of ‘The Big Picture’, and would equip her with enough to manage projects and sustainable systems through supply chain management and information technology in future.

The course aims to produce technically-apt and highly knowledgeable graduates who are industry-ready, by integrating theory with practical work applications, with a heavy emphasis on leadership, service, collaborative work, virtual team processes, and internet-based communication.

Apart from being a stellar student who was awarded a Distinction for her degree, Jinny was deeply involved with the Thai-Laos Student Association (TLSA) as President, in engaging the Thai and Laos students of PSB Academy. Through collaborations with other student clubs and associations, Jinny expanded her network on an international level and built deep friendships along the way – something that she already knew would be helpful for her in the future.

The immense pressure of being the head of TLSA could be too much to bear sometimes, especially for students who are barely keeping themselves afloat from exams and assignments. However, this did not deter Jinny as she saw opportunities for self-development such as self-discipline, time-management, teamwork, confidence, and charisma, which are highly desirable traits of a leader. Though her student life has not always been a bed of roses, she has always seen this as being a small part of ‘The Big Picture’. She is grateful for her mother who was her pillar of strength through challenging times.

Today, Jinny is a Customer Experience Agent at Changi Airport. Not surprisingly, she was often questioned about why she decided to cross her field of study to the service line. Jinny emphasised that, “In order for me to understand the company and management’s vision, I would first need to experience and understand the mechanisms that work behind it.” Being exposed to a diverse range of people from different countries gave Jinny insight into learning how to manage people of different cultures from Changi’s partner companies, so she could play her part to elevate Changi Airport as one of the best in the world.

Jinny has a simple philosophy for current and future students, which is to “Enjoy your moment and pass all the papers!” Because you really want to have an enriching and fulfilling student life while you are here, as it will prepare you for the working world.


*218th in the world – QS World University Rankings 2016 / 2017