Finding my voice in the IT sector

During her studies with The University of Newcastle, Australia at PSB Academy, Sheryl was the recipient of the Best Performance Award for Undergraduate Students  (Bachelor of Information Technology) and she was also awarded with the Singapore Computer Society (SCS) Gold Medal Award at the UON Singapore Awards & Appreciation Night 2015. Currently, she is a Software Engineer with NCS. More about her journey with PSB Academy:


After starting school, I became more focused and I came to know what i really wanted to be. Despite all the failures and challenges faced during school, all my hard work has paid off. I have achieved the top student award for my Diploma, the best performance award during my degree and found a job that i love (being a software engineer).


I failed my O Levels so I didn't have the choice but to go private when choosing to pursue higher education. My cousin referred me to PSB, which was able to provide me a higher diploma in IT course which has a pathway that leads to the University of Newcastle Australia.


At first, I chose the information technology course because I wanted to work in an environment that requires the least communication, as I am not very confident in speaking. But throughout the university life, I have slowly developed interest in IT, and started to work hard on my studies, and slowly learnt to communicate with others. During this degree course, i have learnt about handling deadlines, working as a team and learnt the necessary technical skillsets, all these helped to make a difference in my workplace.


The lecturers and tutors are approachable and helpful. They are always an email away or just a phone call away. The lectureres always stay late to help us even after classes, and would make sure we understand before they leave the classroom.


There are alot of people who motivated me through the challenges ofcompleting the course. And of course my family members played a big part, they are always there supporting me, encouraging me when i face any challenge.


To conclude, the key point I learnt at PSB Academy is "Don't be afraid of failure", while studying and when facing so many problems and handling so much stress, i always believed in myself, learned from mistakes. My thoughts were “worst case scenario: redo, fall down and get up again.” And this built my character up for the real world.


It sounds weird, but the most memorable times at PSB Academy would be the time when we are doing our group assignments. We have a lot of fun sitting in the school library planning out the presentations, working out the assignment as a team. Waiting for the lecturers and chasing them for answers Those are memories at school you will miss after you go out to work.