Soft Skills Mount Talents

A number-crunching desk-bound day job isn’t any student’s idea of a dream job. Never in his wildest dreams, had Sughan thought that he would come close to being an accountant- a job that seemed drastically boring, and monotonous. However, now a Fund Accountant, Swan's life has been far from static. Working for a multinational company has been rewarding for many reasons, one of which is the diverse network that Sughan has been able to build in his career at such an early stage. Serving clients that come mainly from Luxembourg, a large part of Sughan’s role requires him to prepare timely and accurate reports on the Net Asset Values, Yields, Distributions, and other fund accounting outputs for subsequent reviews. While he has to deal with immense pressure from work during the peak period, Sughan feels a sense of accomplishment from the completion of each project, a feeling that was only heightened by the supportive and comforting nature of his colleagues.


One may wonder how a boy who wanted nothing to do with accounting could end up being a Fund Accountant. Sughan recalls searching for degree programmes from top-notch universities, which would be supplemented with a diverse student body, approachable and inspiring professors, as well as an vibrant student life on campus. Coming across PSB Academy’s page, Sughan knew in an instant that it was the place he was looking for all along. Scanning the various options of degrees to choose from, Sughan found himself reaching for a Bachelor Programme with the University of Newcastle.


Astounding as his decision was to those around him, Sughan wanted to take on the subject as a personal challenge. As his journey in PSB Academy began, Sughan was compelled to view the subject with a fresh perspective. Letting go of his preconceived notions, he couldn’t help but start to enjoy Accounting. A big part of this was due to the lecturers who presented the subject in a manner that was encouraging, so he could find his bearings. As a strong advocate for a healthy, work-life balance, Sughan made a point to spend his free time divided between fitness and extra-curricular events. From becoming president of the Malaysian Student Association, SAMA in 2013, to participating in the PSB Soccer League and winning the Golazo Cup, Sughan has made innumerable memories at PSB Academy.