PSB Academy - La Trobe University Nursing Scholarship

PSB Academy-La Trobe University Nursing Scholarship

Selection Criteria

  • Eligible for all nationalities
  • Applied to take up the Bachelor of Nursing (Top- Up) programme with La Trobe University.
  • Minimum 2 years of service as a Registered Nurse by Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) in Singapore.
  • Good Academic Records of Polytechnic Diploma in Nursing (GPA 3.0) and Private Diploma (case by case basis)
  • Participation in Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) or equivalent
  • Submit Scholarship essay (500 words or more)

Application Submission

Interested applicants are required to submit the following documents (scanned and zipped):

  • Letter of Offer from La Trobe University
  • Good Academic Records of Polytechnic Diploma in Nursing (GPA 3.0) and Private Diploma (Case by case basis)
  • All co-curricular activity records (From Secondary to Tertiary Level)
  • Certificate of Achievements (if any)
  • Minimum 2 Testimonial(s) for industrial / professional attachment(s) (if applicable)
  • Scholarship Essay: “Why You Should Be Awarded This Scholarship” (500 words or more)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) (Comprehensive details that consist of your personal information educational, work experience etc.)

Application Process

Existing students are not eligible for any of the Scholarship programme.

1. Email your documents to
2. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview with the Selection Panel
3. Video conference or face-to-face interview

Submission Window

Cut-Off Period: Intake Month
15 January February
15 July August

Terms & Conditions

  • The award recipient is to start the programme in the above-mentioned cohort at PSB Academy, Singapore and complete the programme within the time frame stipulated in the Overall Schedule.
  • The award recipient is to maintain a minimum attendance of 90% and sit for all prescribed examinations.
  • The award recipient must maintain an average grade of ‘B’ throughout the course of study at PSB Academy.
  • No deferment of module or term shall be allowed.
  • Undergraduate students transferring on-campus will not be eligible for the Scholarship.
  • The award recipient is to be featured in the publications and/or promotions of the PSB Academy or University and in any other student recruitment promotion activities.
  • The award recipient shall not be entitled for any other promotions offered by PSB Academy, assistance or incentives including but not limited to any progress rebate, funding, referral fees and/or other sign-up incentives.
  • The selection panel may terminate the scholarship if:
    • The award recipient is found to have provided false or misleading declaration of any information during the application process;
    • The award recipient is found guilty of a disciplinary offence as defined under the student handbook;
    • The award recipient is found to have contravened the law (minor offences such as parking summons and jaywalking are excluded); or
    • The award recipient’s academic progress is not satisfactory.
    • The award recipient fails to achieve 90% attendance and sits for all prescribed assessments within the specified academic period.

Should the award recipient not meet the above Terms & Conditions or decide to withdraw from the programme offered by PSB Academy and/or terminate the scholarship prematurely, PSB Academy may claim immediate repayment of all scholarship monies that had been disbursed.

PSB Academy may make reasonable changes to this scholarship at any time and will advise scholars if this occurs.​

Scholarships will be awarded based on academic grades and exemplary behaviour.

Note: Enquiries and applications to our programme should be directed to our programme consultants.