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In today’s world of rapid external changes and many internal issues, the concept of business models has become increasingly central to running successful companies, and it is about creating, developing and maintaining the value of the customer solution. It is based on systematic work and being able to design a unique solution for the market.

However, rapidly changing conditions today have meant that it is more of a balancing act when companies are to develop processes for long-term profitability, and this naturally has effects on the existing business model.


Who Should Attend

Owners and Executive Managers of medium and large companies will appreciate this detailed and practical approach to business model innovation. They get an opportunity to reflect their condition and create new innovations that lead to better profitability.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Perceive Business Model as an activity system
  • Define the current business model of their own organisation
  • Understand the need for Business Model Innovation
  • Learn how Business Model Innovation really works
  • Discover Success Factors using Business Model Innovation framework
  • Utilise Business Model Innovation Framework to real world organisation cases
  • Innovate the existing Business Model(s) for success in your own organisation

Course Highlights

Workshop Learning

Face to face Workshop Seminar Style over 2 consecutive days.

Learn from Industry Expert

Learn from the experienced consultant of over 1,000 companies.

Course Schedule

Course Dates:

4 and 5 May 2024, Saturday and Sunday
18 and 19 June 2024, Tuesday and Wednesday

About Your Trainer

Dr Staffan Heden

Dr Staffan Heden is an author, a researcher, and an expert consultant for many medium and large global companies based all over the world. He has been a management consultant to over 1,000 companies throughout the last 40 years and founded the consulting firm Cecia Consulting based in Sweden.

He is a key expert in the Business Model Innovation concept, or BMI for short, and has helped to increase the profitability of his clients’ businesses by applying his enhanced version of the BMI concept. Dr Staffan has been invited to speak at several keynote events and has given over 1,500 seminars throughout his distinguished career, delivering and helping countless businesses and students master the concepts of his enhanced BMI concepts.

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Certification in Advanced Business Model Innovation
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Programme Consultants

Cindy Woon

1000 - 1900 (Monday - Friday) - City Campus