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Diploma in Business Studies (Digital Marketing) (E-Learning)

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This Diploma in Business Studies (Digital Marketing) (E-Learning) course is designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the business and digital marketing environment to prepare them for an undergraduate programme in the same discipline and to function effectively as a digital marketer in the workplace.

Students will learn social media marketing, search engine optimisation, paid search advertising and e-commerce strategies to effectively generate leads and create engagement. The basics of web analytics will also be taught to derive data & insights to effectively improve their campaign’s ROI.

Students will be awarded the Google Analytics Certification after they complete the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) examination by Google Skillshop. Students must pass the GAIQ and the coursework to successfully pass the Business Digital Analytics module.

This E-Learning programme is registered as a full-time programme with Committee for Private Education (CPE). Lessons and learning materials can be accessed at any time of the day at your convenience.

Upon completion of this course, students can further their degree studies with our university partner (subject to the university’s entry requirements).

Course Highlights

Dual Certificates

Earn both an academic diploma and a Google Analytics certificate.

Possible Direct Entry to Universities

Stand to receive exemptions when you advance to your degree studies with our partner universities.

100% Online

No examinations. Only online quizzes, tests and assessments.

9-Month Programme

Complete 9 modules, such as Digital Marketing and Business Digital Analytics.

Potential Career Opportunities

Graduates may choose to pursue a future (but not limited to) in these departments/industries:

Business Development & Consultancy
Business Operations
Digital Marketing & E-commerce
Public Relations & Corporate Communication

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Diploma in Business Studies (Digital Marketing) (E-Learning)
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Programme Consultants

Stefie Gunawan

0900 - 1930 (Monday - Friday) - City Campus

Clarence Tan

0900 - 1930 (Monday - Friday) - City Campus

Tricia Chua

0900 - 1930 (Monday - Friday) - City Campus

Shephanie Ong

0900 - 1930 (Monday - Friday) - City Campus

Tan Pei Ni

0900 - 1930 (Monday - Friday) - City Campus