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Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences


The Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences is designed to meet an increasing demand and need for sport, health, exercise and fitness practitioners to help improve the health and fitness levels of health-conscious individuals, gym members, and corporate clients, and to nurture sport science and coaching practitioners who are focused on skills development and high-performance sports.

Students pursuing this programme can expect to be adequately and rigorously trained in functional anatomy, nutrition, psychology, sport coaching, and analysis of skills.  Students will also be equipped to be industry ready and relevant through a rigorous programme aimed at imparting practical knowledge on sport and exercise sciences, personal training and the management of lifestyle and weight.

At the end of this programme, students will be able to:

  • Understand the core knowledge on subjects related to sport and exercise sciences such as nutrition, psychology, functional anatomy, and strength and conditioning
  • Apply the above knowledge towards developing skills in personal training and lifestyle/weight management
  • Apply the above knowledge towards developing skills in principles of coaching and analysis of skills
  • Be equipped with valuable hands-on and industry-related experience through quality supervision and applied projects.

Course Highlights

STEM Campus Laboratory

Gain hands on experience with practical sessions at our Sport Science Lab.

Industry Experienced Lecturers

Bringing in-depth experience from the real world to your classroom.

Industry Partnerships

Students could get the opportunity to undergo internships or industrial visits organised by  our partner organisations.

Double Certificate

Get certified to be a Personal Trainer upon passing the ACE Certified Personal Trainer Certification Exam. The ACE syllabus is covered inside the Diploma programme.

Industry Collaboration

International Sports Professionals Association (ISPA)

This Diploma is accredited by the International Sports Professionals Association (ISPA) – the largest international accreditation body for professionals serving athletes and athletic communities worldwide. The ISPA is also a specialty certification authority, best known for the creation of the first and only certification for healthcare providers treating and rehabilitating patients of workers’ compensation (CWcHP).


American Council on Exercise (ACE)

American Council on Exercise (ACE) is a mission-driven nonprofit committed to getting people moving, ACE educates, certifies and represents more than 85,000 certified fitness professionals, health coaches and other allied health professionals. Our goal is to help reverse the global physical inactivity epidemic through a safe and effective movement overseen by highly qualified professionals

Potential Career Potentials

Graduates may choose to pursue a future (but not limited to) in these departments/industries:

Fitness Programme Designer
Health Consultant
Sports Coach
Sports Performance Assistant

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Programme Consultants

Ken Lai

0900 - 1830 (Monday - Friday) - STEM Campus

Kay Chng

0900 - 1830 (Monday - Friday) - STEM Campus