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Foundation Certificate in Business


The Foundation Certificate in Business covers the foundations of business studies. A significant underpinning of the programme is the importance of developing business knowledge, skills and curiosity. Skills taught will include communication, problem solving and decision-making, economics and basic marketing principles. Students will experience applications of business concepts and tools through individual and project work.

Course Highlights

Start Right With Business Skills

Learn the key basics of accounting, business, economics and marketing.

6-Month Course

Complete 5 modules, such as Introduction to Marketing and Introduction to Economics.

Prepare For Cambridge IGCSE Exams

Learn International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) English and Mathematics. Cambridge IGCSE is accepted by leading universities and employers worldwide as evidence of academic ability, providing an international passport to progression and success.

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Programme Consultants

Maureen Astriani

0900 - 1930 (Monday - Friday) - City Campus

Maeve Pham

0900 - 1930 (Monday - Friday) - City Campus

Jaclyn Lau

0900 - 1930 (Monday - Friday) - City Campus