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Dispute Resolution

Policy Statement

PSB Academy is committed to providing a channel for students to provide feedback and to resolve any disputes in an objective, fair and systematic manner as they arise, and to provide recourse for them to be addressed and resolved.

A student feedback may arise from any aspect of a student’s educational experience at the Academy. If the student considers that the feedback is a complaint/grievance due to supposedly unfair or unreasonable events, he/she should, at the earliest possible opportunity, seek to resolve the complaint/grievance with the relevant parties (e.g. lecturers, PSB Academy staff).

For matters related to student’s discipline and/or academic matters (e.g. appeals against results, expulsion, suspension, exclusion, attendance matters, etc.), the university or PSB Academy procedures exist for dealing with such matters will take precedence over this student dispute procedure.

A student who is seeking dispute or grievance resolution should follow the 4-steps Dispute Resolution Process outlined below. Each step should be completed before going to the next step.

Dispute Resolution Process for Students

Step 1
Student is to approach the respective Schools for assistance to address his/her feedback first. The staff may, if necessary, arrange a meeting to resolve the matter(s) raised through the feedback with the School Manager and/or relevant parties, if applicable. Amicable resolution of the matter will be a priority of PSB Academy during such informal meeting.

Step 2
In the event that the matter raised is not resolved during Step 1, student can file the issue formally in written form. Only issues with at least the following information provided by the student will be followed up. The relevant department will contact the student upon validating that the case is genuine.
1. A brief outline of the case and the prior attempts made to resolve through the Schools
2. The facts and evidences supporting the case.

Step 3
PSB Academy will initiate relevant investigations and resolution actions, wherever applicable, to resolve and close the case amicably with the student within the 14 working days. A formal response will be made to the student.

Step 4
In the event that the student and PSB Academy are unable to resolve the issue, either the student and/or PSB Academy should first refer the dispute to the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) through the CPE Mediation – Arbitration Scheme prior to any other further actions.