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Bachelor of Engineering Honours in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

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University of Hertfordshire

This Robotics and Artificial Intelligence degree is structured with a strong emphasis on practical work to develop students’ skills and confidence in the usage and application of contemporary Robotics and AI technologies. Students will learn the elements needed to build a robot, from simple electronic circuitry, software engineering and control, to high-level robot intelligence and will learn how to develop robotic systems and bring the learning to life.

The curriculum was designed with support from industry leaders such as ABB and Ocado to develop the practical skillsets needed from graduates to match the industry needs. As part of the curriculum, students will program and build their first robot under the guidance of both local lecturers and university faculty.

The programme is regularly reviewed by PSB Academy’s Industry Advisory Board (IAB) comprised of members from the industry including companies such as A*Star, DHL, HP and Kullicke & Soffa.

Course Highlights

Dual Skillsets

Specialise in both Robotics and AI Technologies

Industry Relevant Curriculum

Curriculum designed in consultation with industry leaders such as ABB and Ocado.

Learn from Industry Practitioners

Gain relevant industry knowledge from our experienced lecturers.

Mainly-Coursework Based

Majority of modules are assessed based on coursework

Practical Lessons

Hands on learning to develop Robotic Systems and build Robots such as Jupiter, Alpha and Braccio.

STEM Focused Labs

STEM-focused Computer and Robotics Labs equipped with specialised software such as MATLAB.

Potential Career Opportunities

Graduates may choose to pursue a future (but not limited to) in these departments/industries:

Robotics & AI Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer
Data Scientist
Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer
Quality Assurance Engineer for AI and Robotics
Autonomous Vehicle Engineer

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University of Hertfordshire
Bachelor of Engineering Honours in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
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Programme Consultants

Carrie Pang

0900 - 1930 (Monday - Friday) - City Campus

Izwan Hussin

0900 - 1930 (Monday - Friday) - City Campus