PSB Academy expands its City Campus with S$10 million high-tech STEM Wing

Posted on: 29th July, 2022

PSB Academy announces plans to launch PSB Academy City Campus: STEM Wing, an expansion of its City Campus in Marina Square. The new S$10 million premise brings together high-tech and industry approved laboratories and facilities to bolster science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education for students.

The existing campus will be renamed PSB Academy City Campus: Main Wing to distinguish the identities of both premises. The STEM Wing will add more than 35 per cent of additional space to the current 100,000 square feet across two floors. The Academy has plans to repurpose the current STEM Campus at Jackson Square for other educational and research purposes in conjunction with the expansion of the Academy’s City Campus.

New STEM Wing facilities

PSB Academy’s STEM Wing will be the first-in-kind STEM facility to be available in a mall, and the Academy has taken great care in selecting, planning, and building the new addition, taking into consideration the environmental and safety aspects of the STEM Wing.

Students can look forward to an integrated space that is designed for both learning and leisure. The STEM Wing and Main Wing will have shared facilities such as classrooms and study areas that will be open to all students and guests to enjoy.

The STEM Wing features innovative renewable energy machine trainers with interactive software, hydraulic benches, 3D Printers aimed at introducing additive manufacturing technology and more. As part of the campus, new laboratories will include high-tech gadgets such as 3D cameras, gas metalysers, gel imaging systems, and rotary evaporators across both Sports Science and Life Science laboratories.

The Future of STEM Workforce

With greater demand for workers trained in STEM fields, the launch of the new Wing will accompany updates to the Academy’s curriculum to create more industry-relevant courses and certifications. PSB Academy will also be strengthening its programmes in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Data Science, and Robotics to meet the demands of a changing job landscape.

“The launch of PSB Academy’s new STEM Wing marks a monumental milestone for us,” said Derrick Chang, CEO of PSB Academy, “as it represents an investment that expands our support for the growing needs of our students, which will ultimately have long-term impact in fostering a STEM-capable workforce.”

“With the addition of these advanced equipment and facilities, we hope to elevate STEM education and create a collaborative and inclusive environment for all our students during their time at PSB Academy,” he said.

The campus is slated to be open for operations from November 2022. More information about the new campus will be updated progressively on our website.