Heritage and Milestones

1964 - 1971

Heritage 1971 National Productivity Centre


PSB aims to upgrade the knowledge and skills of Singapore’s workforce

Our beginnings trace back to 1964 in Singapore, when a small Productivity Unit was set up and later became the National Productivity Centre under the purview of the Economic Development Board. Our mission was to upgrade the knowledge and skills of Singapore’s workforce to meet the needs of the growing economy.


Photo: Ministry of Information and the Arts Collection, courtesy of National Archives of Singapore

Reference: History SG, National Library Board

1972 - 1986

Heritage 1975 National Productivity CampaignHeritage 1983 Teamy the Bee


PSB spearheads Singapore’s Productivity Movement

The National Productivity Board (NPB) was established in 1972, at a time when productivity was key to our growth as a nation. This led to the launch of the National Productivity Council and the Productivity Movement, the introduction of Japanese labour-management practices and productivity concepts (e.g. lean manufacturing), and the implementation of the Total Productivity Approach.


Photos: Ministry of Information and the Arts Collection, courtesy of National Archives of Singapore

Reference: History SG, National Library Board

1986 - 1995

Heritage 1992 Career Fair


PSB develops into a full-fledged training institution

NPB's mandate was enhanced in 1986 to implement a total approach to productivity. In 1987, it moved into a new purpose-built NPB Building, which housed Singapore’s most comprehensive and modern training facilities, and was billed as the Training City.

With the expansion of responsibilities and enhanced facilities, the Management Services Supervisory Development Division was formalised to become a full-fledged institution known as the Institute for Productivity Training (IPT) in 1988.


Reference: Chung, W.K. and Lee, L. Y. (2017), 50 Years of Singapore's Productivity Drive.

1996 - 2000

Heritage 1996 PSB-IPT Graduation Ceremony


PSB is instrumental in building a world-class workforce

In 1996, NPB and Singapore Institute of Standards and Industrial Research (SISIR) merged to form the Singapore Productivity and Standards Board (PSB). 

The IPT changed its name to the PSB Institution of Productivity Training (PSB-IPT), which went on to play a critical role in building a world-class workforce in Singapore. In 2000, PSB-IPT launched its first postgraduate programme, Master of Business Administration with The University of Nottingham, UK. Today, PSB Academy continues to offer this MBA to aspiring leaders.


Reference: History SG, National Library Board

2001 - 2005

Heritage 2002 Roadshow


PSB goes regional!

As part of the government’s restructuring efforts, PSB was corporatised in 2001, and IPT-PSB was renamed to PSB Academy. With this, PSB Academy embarked on our foray into the region, offering an expanding range of education and corporate training services.

During the next few years, PSB Colleges were established in China and Vietnam, and two PSB Singapore School campuses were set up in Indonesia in 2005. PSB Consulting offices were also set up in China and Malaysia.

2006 - 2013

Heritage 2007 Delta CampusHeritage 2014 Golden Jubilee Celebration


PSB Academy strives to be Asia’s academy for the industry

PSB Academy became privatised in 2006 and moved into our S$10 million Delta campus in 2007. 

We grew from humble beginnings as a corporate training provider to become one of Asia’s leading higher learning education provider, serving over 10,000 local and international students in Singapore, with expanded offerings ranging from diplomas to external degrees from university partners from the UK and Australia.

2014 onwards

Heritage 2017 City Campus OpeningHeritage 2018 STEM Campus Opening


PSB Academy, Asia’s Future Academy

PSB Academy celebrated 50 years of nurturing industry-ready graduates in 2014. As we welcomed a new era of learning as The Future Academy, we expanded our campus at Delta, Tiong Bahru to a 100,000 square feet City Campus at Marina Square on 23 May 2017. In addition, we re-located our Delta campus to a brand new 50,000 square feet lab-based STEM Campus on 10 May 2018.

These milestones signalled the Academy’s mission to make the idea of productivity relevant again, with a future-oriented brand of education to prepare students for a disrupted age.