Vision, Mission and Values

Vision & Mission


To be the premier tertiary education provider nurturing future talents with global orientation.



PSB Academy is a trusted education provider, committed to providing accessible quality education that nurtures and shapes individuals to enable them to achieve their personal and professional best.

Core Values

Forward Thinking

We are agile, innovative and proactive to be future-ready.



We deliver our best to help everyone achieve their best.



We provide holistic, best-in-class education and development for all.



We foster a caring learning environment by supporting students, staff and partners.

Quality Commitment

Our Core Values drive us in our pursuit of excellence and quality:

  • Delivering high-quality education services that provide values to students and meet the needs of the future economy
  • Ensuring our policies, processes and standards continually drive innovation and productivity through continuous improvement
  • Engaging every employee and stakeholder to achieve high-quality standards for our students