Life as a Content Creator

Posted on: 21st July, 2022

By: Kaylee Tan, Certificate in Media and Communications

Youtuber? TikToker? Content Creator? Some of you may wonder if they are considered legitimate professions. I, too, had doubts about being a content creator before embarking on this path. But after three years of creating content, I can say that it is a real career.

The Start of My Content Creation Journey

“So, how did your journey as a content creator start?” you may ask. I remember I was on a school trip to Shanghai, China, in 2019 when I started creating content. As many social media applications were blocked in China, I decided to download the TikTok app onto my smartphone and try out videography. You may view the first TikTok video I created here.

Initially, I was doing various kinds of TikTok content just for fun. Then I thought it would make sense if I created content based on my interests – beauty and fashion. Over the past year, I slowly built up my social media profile and gained more and more followers, while brushing up on my content creation and videography techniques. Since then, I have had beauty brands reaching out to me to create content for their products.

Yes, there may be glamorous moments at times, but content creation is not as easy and straightforward as everyone thinks. It goes beyond just having a person stand in front of a video camera and talk. The social media space is everchanging and fast-paced, where you have to keep up with the trends and ensure you’re not falling behind. You need to constantly be creative and bring fresh ideas to the table, or your content will look repetitive. While content creation is a demanding job, it challenges me to think out of the box to present the clients’ products from a fresh perspective and not bore my followers.

That being said, there are also days when I would be hit with a “creative block”. However, my mom would always be the one who would come out with new ideas for me. There was once when I was working on a post for a skincare product, I just held the product near my face when posing for a video. But after my mom saw the video, she suggested a creative way of applying the product on my face instead of just posing with it.

Pursuing My Education at PSB Academy

As a content creator, I work with the different requirements provided by the clients; as such, it was vital for me to communicate my ideas clearly. When I was in the early stage of my content creation journey, I was only in secondary school and did not have the necessary knowledge and skills to bring my content to the next level. I knew I needed to pursue a diploma that would complement my role as a content creator. However, I obtained average results for my O-level exams, and while I could qualify for certain courses in a polytechnic, I knew I wanted to study for a media-related diploma.

Coincidentally, I recalled doing a TikTok campaign for PSB Academy when I was in secondary school. That was where I learned about their suite of certificate and diploma courses, including Media and Communications. Rather than enrolling in a course in a polytechnic that I am not interested in, I told myself why not pursue a Media and Communications diploma at a private education institution that would allow me to pick up the fundamentals of media and communications. Determined to follow my dream, I enrolled in their 6-month Certificate in Media and Communications course.

Through the certificate programme, my writing and communication skills have significantly improved. I can now convey my thoughts effectively to my clients while crafting a better script for the videos that I’m tasked to do. I’ve gained so much in a short time, and I’m excited to learn more in-depth media concepts and apply them in real life when I embark on the Diploma in Media and Communications course.

If you have a flair for writing and telling stories, or want to learn how to produce creative content, PSB Academy’s Media and Communications courses are designed to help you pick up practical techniques relevant to the industry. Send us an enquiry to find out more today!