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Find Your Voice in the World of Media and Communications

Have you ever stumbled upon biased or lacklustre articles and content that seems devoid of meaning? Perhaps you daydreamed about the power to shape media and communications for the better? If you have a passion for media and communications and desire to effect change, PSB Academy is the perfect destination for you.

PSB Academy offers a transformative experience that goes beyond the ordinary, where you can step into a realm where you can redefine the narrative and let your voice be heard. With an extensive range of mass communication courses, students can gain ​​​​broad exposure, knowledge and hands-on skills in communication studies. This can then help them thrive ​​​​in the world of mass communications, journalism, and ​​​​​​social media.

On top of that, PSB Academy’s partnership with Nas Academy (the training and development arm of social creator Nas Daily). This will also allow students who select the new social media pathway to receive an industry-relevant certification in social media from Nas Academy upon graduation.

For creatives, you can delve into the key areas of screen, new and digital media, global and international contexts of media and culture, creative industries, ​​and media and cultural production. Meanwhile, writers will enjoy media history and theory, media and cultural research, public relations, and journalism. With PSB Academy, you can easily find the ideal course that meets your learning needs.

Communication Courses in Singapore

Believing that education should be accessible to all, our media and communications cater to different levels of education, from ​​​​diplomas to ​​​​bachelor’s degrees and beyond.

1. Short Courses and Certificate in Media and Communication

Our Certificate in Media and Communications enables ‘O’ level and NITEC holders to master key fundamentals of mass communication, including media production. With the curriculum delivered by seasoned practitioners in Singapore, the course helps you build a solid foundation before you progress to a diploma or degree with us.

If you prefer a shorter programme, opt for the Professional Certificate in Broadcast Media. With this course, you can focus solely on journalism and film production or be exposed to multiple media subjects covered over two ​​​​days.

Through the course, you can access hands-on opportunities in facilities equipped with industry-relevant equipment, such as our TV and radio labs. This exposure enables you to effectively ​​develop practical skills like operating studio cameras and control rooms that will be useful for your career.

Moreover, our media and communications faculty at PSB Academy comprises experienced industry practitioners who bring real-world insights and expertise to the classroom. The valuable knowledge they share can further enhance your learning by enabling you to understand how to apply theory to address real-world problems.

2. ​​​​Diploma in Media and Graphics Design

With a diploma or degree in media and communications, you can enjoy student membership benefits with the ​​​​Institute of Public Relations of Singapore (IPRS). This includes access to industry visits that helps you gain a deeper understanding of the world of media and shape yourself as a creative-industries professional. Above all, you can leverage exclusive networking opportunities to build meaningful relationships that benefit your career.

Interested in entering the creative industry as a designer? PSB Academy offers a fully coursework-based Diploma in Graphic Design And Media for individuals who wish to adopt design thinking and earn contemporary skills in digital design and media. This course covers a broad understanding of design thinking, the latest graphic design techniques, and media and communication strategies. It then culminates in a digital media portfolio, enabling you to impress prospective employers.

If your passion lies in production or social media, you can develop holistic skills via our Diploma in Media and Communications. Offered in partnership with the ​​​​industry practitioners from Nas Academy (the training and development arm of social creator Nas Daily), you will be able to learn from the best minds in the ​​​​industry. You will also have the luxury to choose from two elective pathways – TV and Radio Production or Social Media. Graduates of the Social Media pathway will receive a certificate from Nas Academy.

3. Bachelor’s Degree in Media and Communication

For individuals seeking to further their studies, choose from our selection of Bachelor’s degree courses in mass communication, which include:

  • Bachelor of Communication: Jointly offered with The University of Newcastle, Australia, this programme allows you to complete a Double Major in Public Relations and News Media and study diverse electives, ranging from public relations to social media and journalism. ​​Enrol in a top 173 University in the world and enjoy direct entry to academic year 2 with relevant polytechnic diploma qualification subject to University’s approval. Students will also immediately become student members of the UONS Student Chapter of the Institute of Public Relations of Singapore (IPRS) until they complete their studies. Student members get to experience industry visits and IPRS hosted events on an annual basis.
  • Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Media and Communications: This programme is offered in partnership with Coventry University. It enables you to work with studio equipment and train your critical thinking skills, both of which are essential in the competitive workplace.

Master the Art of Communication with PSB Academy’s Courses

At PSB Academy, we recognise that classroom learning is only one part of the equation. ​​The campus also conducts practical lessons in fully-equipped tv and radio studios for students to carry out class projects. ​​This ensures that our mass communication courses are designed to ensure that students are well-trained in theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Combining this with our faculty’s vast experience and connections that allow for industry-relevant training, we keep students ahead of the game in the competitive sector. Whether you’re looking to break into the media industry or make a career move, PSB Academy is the key to achieving your professional goals. Enrol in our course today or reach out to our team in Singapore for advice on programme-related matters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mass Communications

1. Is mass communications a ​​​​good career path in demand?

Definitely, studying mass communication enables you to explore careers in diverse fields in Singapore. These include broadcasting, public relations, journalism, ​​media production, advertising and even business-related roles like ​​​​marketing.

With the rise of social media, roles, career opportunities in the field are also expanding. Based on ​​Indeed’s Career Guide, positions covering social media management to content creation are growing in popularity. By pursuing mass communication, you can gain the skills to navigate both the evolving media landscape and seize emerging opportunities.

2. What is the difference between mass media and mass communication?

Mass communication involves disseminating information to the public, while mass media refers to the means or approach utilised for disseminating this information.

3. What skills are needed for mass communication?

Writing is a fundamental ability that is valuable in all forms of mass communication. Good verbal skills are crucial in crafting messages that are clear, well-written, and impactful. Another essential skill is cultural sensitivity, as a proficient mass communicator should be aware and comprehend the​​​​ audience.

If you are interested in venturing into the more hands-on fields in the media industry, acquiring skills in TV, radio, and social media production is also crucial. Specifically, these include mastering areas like video editing, audio recording, and social media management, so you can create engaging content across various platforms and effectively reach your target audience.

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