Your Options After Graduating From ITE

Posted on: 22nd August, 2022

Well done for completing your National ITE Certificate (NITEC) or your Higher NITEC! Now that you’ve finally graduated, should you consider furthering your education? If you’re contemplating what to do after ITE, this article will help you explore your options after graduating from NITEC or Higher NITEC.

Options for Furthering Your Education After ITE    

1. Private Diploma*

ITE graduates may consider taking a private diploma. PSB Academy offers progression pathways for NITEC and Higher NITEC graduates who are keen to eventually earn a diploma and degree. One of our students, Dhasaratha Raman Shiyam, a current business diploma student who graduated from ITE, benefited from the smaller class size and personalised teaching.

 2. Polytechnic Diploma

NITEC and Higher Nitec graduates have the option to pursue their next education phase with a Polytechnic. NITEC graduates who attained a GPA or equal or more than 3.5 may apply for a related polytechnic diploma course while Higher NITEC graduates who meet the relevant GPA may apply for first year entry to a related polytechnic diploma course.

3. ITE Work-Study Diploma
The work-study diploma is a 2.5-year workplace training programme where NITEC or Higher NITEC graduates will be given practical training guided by industry experts while they continue to learn from lecturers at ITE.

4. Technical Diploma

In partnership with various Vocational and Technical Education around the world, the full-time technical diploma allows ITE graduates to acquire skills and knowledge in either Culinary Arts, Machine Technology or Automotive Engineering.

Courses for NITEC/Higher NITEC graduates at PSB Academy

1. Certificate Courses

Our certificate courses aim to equip students with a strong foundation before progressing to the diploma level. NITEC and Higher NITEC graduates have the option to choose from a total of five disciplines – Business Management, Media and Communications, Engineering, IT and Computer Science or Sport Science.

After completing the 6-month certificate course, students may progress to a relevant 12-month diploma and subsequently a degree with one of our renowned universities around the world.

2. Foundation Diploma

If your interest lies in the area of life science, the Foundation Diploma in Life Sciences will be a great stepping stone for you to learn the fundamentals of biological science and chemistry in 12 months. After completing the diploma, you may progress to one of the four life science degrees offered by La Trobe University.

Progress with PSB Academy Today

Unsure what your next step should be after ITE? Why not learn more about your study options during our Open House on 1 June 2024. With exciting activities, free programme consultation and attractive rebates, you wouldn’t want to miss out.

*NITEC and Higher NITEC graduates are required to complete a PSB Academy Certificate course (not including professional certificates & short courses) before progressing to a diploma.