Bedrock of Learning | School of Foundation Studies

Posted on: 05th August, 2022

Home away from home. Bedrock of learning. Springboard to higher education. The School of Foundation Studies (SFS) yields myriad outcomes in the eyes of our younger students. Many of our students come to us unaccustomed to the Singaporean culture and studying in the English language, while others have been discouraged in mainstream education and have found surer footing through their learning journey with us. The SFS Operations team therefore serves an integral role in the development period of our youths as a nurturing nexus, building our students’ learning capabilities, communication competencies and self-esteem.

Our students’ journey with us begin at enrolment — SFS programme executives, Katie Shang, Suzette Ser and Suzanna Seah facilitate orientations to familiarise new students with the faces of our Academy’s service champions and expectations for their learning progress. As the go-to friendly ambassadors of our Foundation School, our programme executives will re-introduce themselves on the first day of lessons and pop in for class visits throughout the term. Our students also benefit from regular sessions on regulatory and academic policies, such as the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority’s attendance threshold, examination dos and don’ts, and course progression opportunities. Learning never stops at PSB Academy.

Going beyond the call of duty is the norm for the SFS Operations family, who bond during luncheons and after-work gatherings. Lin Yizi experienced a spell of low morale during her Certificate in English Proficiency (Level 2) course, when Internet connection issues and poor health disrupted her attendance and ability to keep up with lessons. Katie and Yizi’s lecturer Andreea were very concerned, and came together to intervene and encourage her through regular catchups. Over time, Yizi became more communicative and committed to her studies. With her learning disposition now brighter, Yizi is looking forward to embark on her certificate course soon.

Ye Weixin had difficulty using his webcam in BlackBoard, which hampered his group discussion participation and in turn affected his class participation grading and learning outcomes. Suzanna contacted Weixin after working hours and guided him through his Internet browser settings. Weixin has since completed the Certificate in English Proficiency (Level 5) on his first attempt and smoothly progressed to the Certificate in Business Management with us. In today’s digital-integrated learning environment, stories like these are par for the course with our SFS Operations squad.

From time to time, our students from abroad may experience adjustment issues. The SFS Operations team would then work closely with our regional country managers to intervene and counsel our students, so that we can help our youths get back on track in their learning development. Adolescent mental health is also a keen consideration for the Academy, and our Student Success Office facilitates socialising opportunities and provides pastoral care services to help our young learners fortify their psychological resilience and flourish in the community.

As the wise proverb goes, it takes a village to raise a child. At Asia’s Future Academy, the gotong royong spirit is strong in ensuring no one in our cosmopolitan learning community gets left behind.