Singapore’s Healthcare Crisis: Why Nurses are in High Demand

Posted on: 20th April, 2023

The swiftly expanding elderly demographic in Singapore poses a distinct array of challenges and prospects, particularly with regard to healthcare. As the Ministry of Health projects, a considerable 25% of the Singapore population will reach the age of 65 and older by 2030. As a marked increase from the current ratio of one in six, the demand for healthcare is expected to rise in tandem. This casts the spotlight on Singapore’s nurses, whose pivotal role in the healthcare system has been underscored since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To ensure the adaptability of Singapore’s healthcare system to society’s growing needs, the government has rolled out plans to increase the nursing and allied health workforce. Meanwhile, initiatives like Healthier SG are also implemented to support Singaporeans in achieving their health goals and staying active.

Demand for Nurses in Singapore

1. Ageing Population

As the Singapore population ages, frailty, marked by a decline in health and functionality, is also projected to surge from the present 5 to 6% to a staggering 27% by 2030. As a significant contributor to increased mortality, disability, and compromised quality of life, it poses a pressing concern, driving the government’s to implement Healthier SG and make preventive healthcare one of its key focuses. As crucial members in the frontline of the health industry, nurses will thus be expected to expand their skill set to include lifestyle coaching to support Healthier SG’s goal of helping citizens move towards better health.

2. Chronic Disease and Holistic Health Management

Advances in modern medicine, improved access to healthcare services, and healthier lifestyle choices have increased global life expectancy, even among individuals with comorbidities. Additionally, this occurs in conjunction with the mounting incidence of chronic illnesses. Based on statistics disclosed by the National Healthcare Group, the number of diabetes cases in Singapore may spike from 450,000 to one million by 2050 without proactive interventions.

In light of this, nurses will be expected to acquire the requisite skills to deliver effective physical care to these patients and serve as crucial pillars of support to help patients cope with their long-term afflictions emotionally. This is especially since the provision of holistic care and forging long-term relationships with patients are among the directives advocated by the Healthier SG scheme.

3. Healthier SG

Under the Healthier SG scheme, Singapore residents can access free screenings and nationally recommended vaccinations. They will also work more closely with their healthcare provider to formulate individualised health plans. Through these ways, the healthcare industry will play an increasingly active role in helping individuals take charge of their health. Powering this transformation requires the support of skilled healthcare personnel. As such, a corresponding increase in demand for nurses is expected to increase.

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