Student Stories

Chow Yi Tong

Alumni Class of 2021

I am no stranger to PSB Academy as I have attended courses with the academy ten years back. To date, I still believe that PSB Academy is one of the most established private institutions in Singapore.

As a Key Executive Officer at Mindlink Groups Pte Ltd, it was essential for me to develop advanced and flexible management skills.

The MBA in Global Business with Coventry University was well-coordinated and covered various topics necessary to excel in my role. Armed with the market dynamics to better serve my company’s domestic and international markets, the course has enhanced my identity as a representative of the company.

The bulk of the syllabus was beneficial to my business. When I first started my company, it was done traditionally. But as the economy continues to evolve and consumer demands are changing, it was necessary to adapt. Modules such as Marketing in the Global Age, Strategic Management, Managerial Finance, and Soundproofing a Business Plan have helped me to better position my company in light of a fast-changing digital economy.

The MBA has also helped me extend my business network. The classmates in my cohort come from various industries, backgrounds, and nationalities. Cross sharing knowledge within the class has widened my perspective of how different industries approach an issue. I have gained valuable insight from them and adapted it to fit my company’s business goals.

The lecturers were also friendly and approachable. As a mature student, I am grateful that they made me feel welcomed, cared and loved, particularly Dr John Heng.

To those who are self-driven and wish to upscale their abilities and mindset set, this MBA course will be a good fit.