Student Stories

Janus Lee

Class of 2018
Bachelor of Biomedical Science, La Trobe University

School of Life and Physical Sciences

“Tough times do not last. Tough people do.” – Janus

Could you share with us about your current role as a Research Officer (RO) in the Healthcare Sector.

My main role as RO is to assist the Primary Investigator whom I work under. Our domain lies in diabetic kidney disease and we are actively looking for prospective biomarkers to further assist clinical diagnosis in the future. I also assist with bench work such as enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), data entry, validation and statistical test (SPSS) of results gathered from bench work.

What are the key highlights of your career or challenges you faced during your course of work and how did you overcome them?

The key challenge of my career is the experiments, where using minute number of samples (which are very precious) are essential during serial dilution. Mistakes were made during pipetting, which resulted in a major variation in absorbance readings. I guess the only way to overcome that is to keep on going and to be more conscientious while working! If I feel like my focus is wavering, I’ll take a short break while keeping the samples covered. Basically, all the small details that I thought wouldn’t affect me as a student, are pretty much very essential right now!

What is your advice for current students who are planning a similar career path?

Go for it! If you are looking to be in the research field, you should already have an interest in it. Just be sure to remember your lectures and your lab skills well since it will always be needed.

What made you further your studies with a private education institution?

My results were not up to expectations, but not once did I regret studying with a private education institution. As long as you give your best, you can succeed!

Was there anyone who motivated you through the challenges of completing the course/degree?

My family and course mates were very encouraging! But being mentally prepared for tough times is highly important too. 😉

In what ways has your education at PSB Academy added value to your personal development and career opportunities? How has it built your character?

Studying in PSB Academy has brought out the independent side of me more than during my polytechnic and army days!

Share a personal quote or mantra you live by.

Tough times do not last, tough people do. 🙂