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SCIENCE. The Cure for Disease


  21 Feb 2019

SCIENCE. The Cure for Disease
  STEM Campus Chemistry Lab

The diseases that plague mankind are a constant concern in our everyday lives and those of our friends and family.While the topic of human health is one in which the public is frequently engaged, this discussion rarely addresses the work that is done behind the scenes to find solutions to these afflictions. The remarkable increase in the life expectancy of humans in the developed world can be directly attributed to the constant advances in biomedical science. Common illnesses, such as diabetes and cancer, appear to have become more prevalent in our modern societies, and the past decade has seen the worrisome rise of infectious diseases, such as SARS, H1N1 and Ebola in potentially epidemic proportions. You are invited to our preview session, where you will learnwhat the future of disease may look like and how modern biological and chemical sciences will continue play the role in our quest to improve the standards of modern healthcare and disease prevention. have a taste of what a sport scientist does. Conducted in our chemistry laboratory by our Head of School of Life and Physical Sciences, Dr Martin Grnert. Register today!

Prospective Students (Singapore), Prospective Students (International), Current Students, Current Students (By Schools), Alumni.