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The Foundation Certificate in Science (FCS) is a 6-module programme tailored to equip students with pre-diploma foundation knowledge needed to excel in undergraduate programmes. It is a comprehensive and flexible programme with a dynamic learning environment, which encourages two-way interaction between students and lecturers. The core courses like Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics have been carefully curated to cover the general, communication and scientific skillset and knowledge highly in-demand specializations of the industry. This programme provides an advantageous pre-requisite to a broad and blended curriculum that prepares students to be equipped with basis life science knowledge.

Students have the option to sit for the IGCSE external examinations at PSB Academy. They may use the IGCSE qualification as an entry requirement to progress to the Certificate level.

Course Highlights

Gain Your Basic Foundation in Science

Learn the key basics of sciences

Prepare For Cambridge IGCSE Exams

Learn International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) English and Mathematics. Cambridge IGCSE is recognised by universities worldwide as evidence of academic ability, providing an international passport to progression and success.

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Foundation Certificate in Science
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Programme Consultants

Kenneth Ho

0900 - 1800 (Monday - Friday) - City Campus

Thinzar Kyaw

0900 - 1800 (Monday - Friday) - City Campus

Lucy Jap

0900 - 1800 (Monday - Friday) - City Campus

Meera Ananthan

0900 - 1830 (Monday - Friday) - City Campus

Joanne Ong

0900 - 1800 (Monday - Friday) - City Campus