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Depending on your interests or professional needs, you may choose to apply for any one of these hr certification courses stated below:

Compensation (2 days/15 hours)
This course equips students with practices of effective compensation and benefits and examines current and emerging issues in achieving a total rewards system.

Managing Human Capital (2 days/15 hours)
This course introduces students to key concepts and theories in Human Resource Management (HRM). Students will develop a good understanding of how HRM links with business strategy. Other topics covered include job analysis, recruitment, career management, performance evaluation, and collective bargaining.

Talent Development (2 days/15 hours)
This course outlines the principles, behaviors and actions that an organisation can consider attracting, develop and retain employee talent.

Upon completion of the three courses stated above, you will be certified with the Professional Certificate in Human Capital from PSB Academy.

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Programme Consultants

Jia Jia Sim

0900 - 1800 (Monday - Friday) - City Campus

Cindy Woon

1000 - 1900 (Monday - Friday) - City Campus