School of Engineering and Technology

About School of Engineering and Technology



The School of Engineering and Technology (SET) drives the future by shaping elite generations of global nation-builders and digital think tanks. In line with the rapid worldwide growth of the STEM sector, our courses are designed to ensure that students are equipped with relevant skills and are industry-ready once they graduate from their respective specialised courses.


Specialisations offered range from mechanical and electrical engineering, to information technology and cybersecurity, to environmental and occupational health and safety, catering to various key areas of interest within the engineering and technology industry. SET courses provide an opportunity for our students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical hands-on setting with well-equipped engineering and computer labs and facilities, preparing them for real-world challenges and scenarios.


If you are an individual aspiring to take the lead in pushing the boundaries of science and technology, join us and be a part of our SET network of engineers and technologists!

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