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About PSB Academy

As one of Singapore’s leading private education institutions with an almost 60-years heritage of producing more than 200,000 learners, PSB Academy is committed to defining our identity as “Asia’s Future Academy”. Established in 1964, we started under Singapore’s Economic Development Board and later the Productivity and Standards Board to upgrade the knowledge and skills of Singapore’s workforce. With an approach to education that focuses on what really matters: performance in the New Economy, PSB Academy provides quality education to shape and nurture future-ready graduates with the necessary skills and tools to stay relevant in a digitally-driven economy.

With a strong network of industry partners to prepare our students for the workforce, PSB Academy today hosts over 17,000 students each year from more than 50 nationalities with its slate of certificate, diploma, degree, and short courses.

Explore PSB Academy’s City Campus

PSB Academy’s learning spaces in the heart of the city connect students globally through a collaborative learning and networking environment that enables them to be agile innovators and contributors to society. Learn more about our City Campus here.

Main Wing

PSB Academy’s City Campus: Main Wing, located in Marina Square in Singapore, is a contemporary educational hub spanning 9,484 square metres.

The campus boasts fully-equipped lecture theatres and computer laboratories.

It boasts 31 classrooms with writable walls, a sandbox room for innovative teaching, and cutting-edge video conference technology. Central to the campus is the Townhall, a vibrant communal space, and The Hive, a support center providing academic, social, and career assistance.

Media and communication students can access professional-grade equipment in the on-site TV and radio studios. The seminar rooms, particularly for MBA students, feature curved seating, writable glass panels, wireless display technology, and video-conferencing facilities.

PSB Academy’s City Campus is a testament to the Academy’s dedication to fostering a rich, collaborative, and future-focused learning environment.


PSB Academy’s STEM Wing, an expansion of our City Campus and also situated in Marina Square, is an innovation hothouse equipped with high-tech and industry-approved labs and facilities aimed to bolster STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education for students.

STEM Wing houses six classrooms specifically tailored to facilitate dynamic and interactive learning experiences. The campus has chemistry labs, and laboratories for life sciences and sports sciences. For students pursuing engineering, there are dedicated electrical and mechanical engineering labs alongside a mechanical workshop for hands-on learning.

The STEM Wing also boasts a dedicated robotics lab, emphasising the importance of technology in modern education. Here, students can interact with and learn about the latest robotics technologies, preparing them for technological advances in their future career fields.

PSB Academy Reviews and Rankings

PSB Academy continues to stand tall among the leading private education institutions in Singapore. Recognised for its significant contributions to Singapore’s burgeoning economy, PSB Academy was honoured at the recent SBR National Business Awards, clinching an award in Education. Applauded for its innovative approach to hands-on, industry-relevant learning and advanced tech integration, particularly in the STEM Wing’s robotics lab, the Academy stands out in the rapidly evolving STEM field. This esteemed accolade, awarded in 2023, underscores PSB Academy’s commitment to equipping the future workforce with vital skills.

Moreover, the institution’s strong ties with industry partners enable students to gain relevant practical experiences, setting the stage for a seamless transition from academic life to the professional world.

Diverse and Comprehensive Courses Offered at PSB Academy

PSB Academy offers an extensive range of programmes across 18 disciplines, including business management, engineering, life sciences, hospitality & tourism, and media & communications. Our curriculum, developed in collaboration with renowned global universities, ensures high academic standards and industry relevance.

Apart from bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees, PSB Academy’s portfolio also includes diplomas and certificates in fields like digital marketing and cybersecurity and professional short courses for upskilling. Whether starting a higher education journey, specialising in a field, or advancing a career, PSB Academy equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet their academic and professional aspirations.

Gain An International Perspective With Global University Partners

PSB Academy takes pride in its strong alliances with renowned universities across the globe, further elevating the quality and diversity of its offerings. These partnerships enable the academy to offer quality degree programmes in Singapore, ensuring students have access to a world-class education.

Among PSB Academy’s notable partners are Coventry University and Edinburgh Napier University from the UK, offering programmes in areas such as business management and engineering, and sports science respectively. From Australia, there is University of Newcastle, known for its courses in engineering and business. La Trobe University, also an Australian partner, provides programmes in life sciences.

Unleash Your Potential with PSB Academy

At PSB Academy, the world is your classroom. With our City Campus: Main and STEM Wing, PSB Academy has designed a learning environment that is not just modern and comprehensive but also adaptable and innovative, keeping pace with the evolving needs of the global economy.

Take the leap today and explore the breadth of programmes offered by PSB Academy. Empower yourself with a world-class education and step confidently into the future. Find out more today.

Our Accolades

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