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Service Requests

These services are provided on-request. Please submit the relevant form for us to assist you.

Student Identification / Contact Information

Academic Matters

Amenities / Accommodation

Payment Advice

Student Clubs

  • Student Club Formation
    Submit your proposals to form a student club and wait for one of the Staff Mentors to get in touch with you.
  • Student Club Committee Application
    Apply to join as a committee member and select the leadership position you are applying for.
  • Student Clubs Member Application
    Join a student club of your interest via the form above.
  • Event Proposal
    Student Club Committee to submit event proposals for approval via the form above at least 2 months before the proposed event date. Keep your Staff Mentor informed.
  • Payment Form for Events and Miscellaneous Fees
    After confirming your registration for events, submit the form above and make payment at the bursar/cashier at either City or STEM Campus. You will then need to submit a soft copy of the receipt to the student leaders of the student club.

Student Care & Guidance

  • Request Form
    If this is your first appointment with Student Care & Guidance, please complete the Request Form.
  • Appointment Form
    Students who wish to make future appointment, please complete the Appointment Form.