Life After N Levels: PSB Academy’s IGCSE & Foundation Certificate Courses

Posted on: 25th October, 2023

As you await your GCE N-level results, it can be a time of reflection on your path after exams. If you lean towards hands-on learning, an Institute of Technical Education (ITE) may appeal to you. Yet, if you’re hesitant about diving straight into a two to three-year-long programme, two compelling choices await.

After N-levels, you can enrol for the Preparatory Course for Cambridge IGCSE Examination (Intensive) or one of the foundation certificate courses at PSB Academy. But what exactly are the differences? In this blog, we will breakdown the different pathways and guide you through to make an informed decision when selecting the programme that suits you best.

Bridging the Gap with IGCSE

If you are considering the Cambridge IGCSE route, the Preparatory Course for Cambridge IGCSE Examination (Intensive) is available at PSB Academy. This is a five-month part-time course that is specially designed for Singapore-Cambridge N-Level graduates in Singapore who wish to spend a shorter part of the year preparing for the Cambridge IGCSE Exams.

Our preparatory course offers blended learning. This arrangement allows you to attend classes on campus while also being supported by self-study materials which are accessible on the learning management system platform. You will also be exposed to formative assessments designed to monitor your performance in the course and familiarise you with the structure of the Cambridge examinations. At the end of the programme, you will be equipped with the assessment skills pertaining to Cambridge IGCSE examinations, as well as transferrable real-life skills.

After completing the IGCSE, you can progress to our certificate level and subsequently a diploma and degree.

Exploring Your Interest with Foundation Certificate Courses

If you wish to start exploring possible future career tracks after N-level without the duration commitment required of an ITE programme, consider PSB Academy’s foundation certificate courses. With full-time or part-time options available, these foundation certificate courses are designed for completion in 6 to 12 months, and they offer you a glimpse into a desired field so you can determine if it fits your aspirations.

At PSB Academy, our foundation certificate courses are offered in three disciplines:

  • Engineering
  • Life Sciences
  • Business

Whatever disciplines you choose, you will have an option to sit for the Cambridge IGCSE examinations. The examination will allow you to progress to the certificate level and subsequently a diploma and degree.

Engineering Course

Ever marvelled at how things work, finding yourself drawn to applying your creativity to technical problem-solving? An engineering course could be your calling. Beyond merely fixing things, engineers are professionals who are also involved in design, innovation, building and testing. If you’re keen to explore this exciting profession, PSB Academy offers the PSB Academy Foundation Certificate in Engineering and Technology.

PSB Academy Foundation Certificate in Engineering and Technology

Going beyond just theoretical knowledge, the PSB Academy Foundation Certificate in Engineering and Technology course offers ample opportunities for hands-on practice. This includes the use of professional tools integral to the modern engineering landscape, such as 3D printing and AutoCAD (2D & 3D) software.

Science Course

Has your curiosity ever been piqued as you pondered the fundamental mechanisms behind the world around you? If you’ve found yourself asking in-depth questions about the nature of things or possessing a keen investigative mind, then PSB Academy’s Foundation Certificate in Science is a course to consider.

PSB Academy Foundation Certificate in Science

Delivered in an interactive and vibrant learning ambience, the PSB Academy Foundation Certificate in Science promotes active dialogues between students and educators. Taught based on a carefully curated curriculum, the course also equips you with a broad foundational knowledge relevant to the present fast-evolving scientific domain.

Business Management Course

For those with a knack for planning, analysing, networking, and strategising with an eye for the bigger picture, venturing into the PSB Academy Foundation Certificate in Business Management could play to your strengths.

PSB Academy Foundation Certificate in Business

This course comprehensively introduces you to various essential subjects, including accounting, business, economics, and marketing. Exposure to diverse aspects of business management and the problem-solving and decision-making process in these contexts can help you identify areas to pursue further when progressing to higher-level courses at PSB Academy.

The business acumen and deep-rooted understanding of the business world you acquire will also be a value-add as it allows you to take a holistic perspective of business processes. Embracing hands-on learning, the programme further supports you in applying your newfound knowledge and tools in various real-world scenarios. Through these ways, you can trust that the course comprehensively trains you in theory and practice.

Write a New Chapter After N-Levels at PSB Academy

If you’re still uncertain about the right track after N-levels, fret not. PSB Academy’s dedicated programme consultants are always happy to help guide you towards the ideal course tailored to your aspirations and interests. Check out our IGCSE or a selection of foundation certificate courses to plan out your exciting future. Alternatively, you can speak to our programme consultant during our Open House on 1 June 2024, 11am to 5pm. With exclusive rebates and a chance to win attractive prizes*, you don’t want to miss out!

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