Staying Ahead in the Digital Economy With PSB Academy

Posted on: 24th August, 2023

In the race of technological revolution, keeping pace with the digital economy is more than a competitive advantage – it’s survival. Singapore, a digital powerhouse, is sprinting ahead, turbocharging its digital infrastructure and amplifying its research and innovation prowess. The question now is, how can you plug into this high-speed digital revolution and ensure your professional relevance?

Singapore’s Digital Infrastructure Drive

Embracing the Research, Innovation, and Enterprise (RIE) strategy

Singapore’s transformation into a knowledge-driven economy and society is underpinned by the comprehensive Research, Innovation, and Enterprise (RIE) 2025 strategy. It aims to drive and shape the country’s future in the rapidly evolving world of science and technology. Launched in December 2020 with a budget of S$25 billion – it is the largest R&D investment in Singapore’s history.

The Smart Nation and Digital Economy (SNDE), a critical pillar of the RIE 2025 plan, embodies Singapore’s ambition to be a Smart Nation. This mission aims to drive the nation’s digital transformation and position Singapore as a trusted hub for digital innovation.

It uses technology as the lever, steering the nation towards its Smart Nation goals; emphasis is placed on open data availability and research initiatives and a culture of innovation and calculated risk-taking is encouraged.

The plan acknowledges the importance of cybersecurity in protecting and propelling growth and stands firm on the priority of data privacy and security. At the same time, the plan ensures that no one is left behind in this digital marathon, providing resources for individuals and businesses to re-skill, adapt and flourish in this landscape.

PSB Academy: Future-proofing Your Education

Recognising the crucial role of education in shaping future-ready professionals, PSB Academy offers a host of diplomas and degrees to equip individuals with the digital skills they need to thrive in Singapore’s digital economy. Let’s take a closer look at some of these programmes.

Fintech and blockchain

Fintech and blockchain technologies are transforming the financial world, shaping the future of banking, and opening a world of opportunities. PSB Academy, in partnership with FinTech Academy, offers a Diploma in FinTech, providing students with insights into the changing dynamics of the financial industry.

The curriculum explores how fintech improves customer experiences, drives product and service innovation, and leverages data for actionable insights. It delves into real-world applications of technologies like blockchain and digital currencies in the financial sector. Course highlights include understanding the future of finance in the Industry 4.0 era, featuring around-the-clock access to financial services and the integration of robotics and AI.

Complementing this, the Diploma in Blockchain offers a comprehensive exploration of blockchain technology. It begins with an overview of decentralised technologies, moving on to programming fundamentals and the solidity coding language. It enjoys the expertise of Merkletrees, a full-stack blockchain outfit, and ACCESS, a non-profit organisation for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry in Singapore. These partnerships ensure that students learn from industry practitioners and gain exposure to the real-world applications of their learning.

AI & Robotics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics are at the forefront of technological advancement, ushering in a new era of productivity and efficiency across diverse sectors. At PSB Academy, the Bachelor of Engineering in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence course dives deep into these influential domains. The programme’s curriculum is meticulously designed to balance academic rigour with practical application.

Students will learn about the integral elements of robot construction, ranging from basic electronic circuitry and software engineering to advanced robot intelligence and control. With a heavy emphasis on hands-on work, students are encouraged to apply theoretical concepts to build actual robotic systems, bringing their learning to life.

Cyber Security

As the digital landscape expands, the importance of cybersecurity grows with it. With an increased reliance on digital technologies, protecting sensitive information and maintaining system integrity has never been more crucial.

PSB Academy’s range of cybersecurity courses addresses this urgent need. Our diploma and bachelor’s degree programmes are designed to arm students with the technical acumen and strategic insight required to safeguard digital assets. Students learn how to anticipate, prevent, and mitigate cybersecurity threats, equipping them with the skills to become formidable defenders of the digital frontier. They will emerge ready to tackle the complex cybersecurity challenges of tomorrow, ensuring the digital world remains a safe space for all. Find out which is the right course for you as an aspiring cybersecurity professional.

Excel in the Digital Age with PSB Academy

Embracing the digital economy means recognising the importance of continuous learning, adapting to changes, and investing in your education. With Singapore leading the charge in digital infrastructure development, the opportunities to grow and thrive are abundant. Explore your next steps with PSB Academy today.